New Year’s Resolutions: Yea or Nay?

New Year’s Resolutions

After what we’ve been through this year, things can only go up from here – let’s hope so! As we are all eager to have a fresh start, it’s time to make our New Year’s Resolutions. This ancient custom is about making good changes in one’s life.

I have never made a list of resolutions, but I understand the appeal. We, humans, strive to make the world a better place, and that’s the main point of being alive. But are the New Year’s Resolutions the way to do it? Do we need them, or should we just drift from one opportunity to another? I tried to answer this question by making a short list of cons and pros, which can be read below:

Yea: New Year’s Resolutions can motivate you.

It’s easy to lose your way in an ever-changing world, so having a few guidelines might help you to achieve what you wanted. Some people work better when they have a step-by-step list, while others are fine with a general objective. The main point is to know what you desire and then find the means to get it.

Nay: Life is unpredictable, so you can’t be sure you’ll achieve everything you wanted.

2020 is the best example of that. A lot of dreams have been ruined because everything changed, thus forcing us to do it too. Like I already said, I never made New Year’s Resolutions, but I had a few significant objectives that, obviously, never came to be. It goes without saying that I was disappointed even without having a long list of plans, so why even bother making one?

New Year’s Resolutions

Yea: You can put whatever you want on the list.

This means that your New Year’s Resolutions can be as many or few as you like. Moreover, you can choose to focus on spiritual things rather than materialistic ones, which might be harder to get. As an example, you can strive to change your lifestyle, to acquire a new skill, or simply live life to its fullest in the year to come.

Nay: You are not a planning person.

It is believed that being aware of your aim makes it easier to fulfill it, but it doesn’t work like that for everybody. Whether you prefer to be spontaneous or have a deeper reason for not thinking about the future, the resolution trend might not be for you, and that’s that.

Ultimately, New Year’s Resolutions are flexible, unique, and should enrich your life, instead of being a nuisance. So, if you plan to write a list, please focus on what really matters to you in realistic limits. Happy New Year!


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