New Significant Changes in The Depp-Heard Lawsuit


Depp removed from Fantastic Beasts sequel

You may have heard the latest news regarding the Depp-Heard lawsuit. The update shows Depp’s loss against the British tabloid Sun. The newspaper had published an article that called Depp “a wife-beater”. If you want more information on this, click here to check out our article about it. Besides a huge money loss, Depp’s reputation was also damaged. Consequently, he has already been excluded from the production of the next Fantastic Beasts movie, which he had already started shooting for.

Many fans were outraged by the results, which gave birth to the hashtag #justiceforDepp. Even co-star Jude Law expressed his confusion in an interview. He said that it was very unusual for Depp not to be part of the cast anymore. Especially since he had even started filming some of the scenes already.

Petition to Remove Amber Heard from Aquaman 2

A recent petition circling the Internet might have Amber Heard removed from the production of Aquaman 2. Fans decided to make justice for Depp and get as many signatures as possible. The main claim is that Heard should have to pay for her mistakes as much as Depp did. The petition seems to be a huge success. In only a couple of days, more than a million people signed it. If you want to sign it, you can still do so, if you click here.

In response to this petition, Amber Heard denied the claim that she would not be part of the movie. However, the number of people signing the petition is still increasing. Therefore, the production company will have to make a statement sooner or later. Then, we will know for sure if we will see Heard in Aquaman 2 or not.

Recent loss in court for Amber Heard

Despite past victories in the Depp-Heard lawsuit, Amber Heard has recently lost court ruling. Her motion to exclude information about her alleged donation to the Children’s Hospital of LA was denied. This will allow the court to know if she did make a donation or not.

Amber Heard’s loss may seem a small development in the case, but it had huge consequences. Heard was sanctioned fines that total more than $8,000 dollars. Moreover, the court described her motions as dishonest and irrational.

Possible consequences for Depp

The recent loss for Amber Heard made a negative impression on the jury and the judge. Therefore, their perspective on the case might have changed as well. This could influence Depp’s luck in the future confrontations.

Hopefully, the court will admit more evidence in their future trial in Virginia. After all, we can only hope for it to be a just and reasonable trial. This would finally ensure that justice is being done to the Depp-Heard lawsuit.


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