New Netflix movies you have to watch

new netflix movies

What better way to end the day than curling up in bed and watching an engaging program? In case you don’t know what to choose, here is a list of new Netflix movies you might enjoy:

1 . The Old Guard

The Old Guard has always been around, protecting the weak and ending worldwide conflicts while hiding on the fringe of history. When an innovative medical captures them to exploit their peculiar abilities,  the commando relies on their newest member to come to their rescue. Far from being a simple action flick, the movie tells a story about kinship, love, inclusiveness, and a newly-found family. I strongly recommend checking out the source material, the amazing graphic novel by the same name, written by Greg Rucka.

2. Enola Holmes

Based on the book series written by  Nancy Springer, the movie focuses on the younger sister of infamous Mycroft and Sherlock Holmes. Bright, cunning, and resourceful, Enola travels to London to find her missing mother. Her adventure takes a different course when she discovers a plot to murder a marquess. A family-friendly adventure, Enola Holmes is perfect for a movie night with your loved ones.

Also, kudos to the movie for casting an actual teenage actress (Millie Bobby Brown) to play the role of a teenage girl! I think the movie industry is slowly getting there.

3. Horse Girl

Obsessed with crime shows and the uncanny resemblance to her grandmother, Sarah has troubles separating reality from her dreams. Committed to finding the truth about her existence, she explores her family history, her mental condition and looks the truth in the face: she had been right the entire time!

new Netflix movies

4. The Devil All the Time

In a post-WWII world, a war veteran, his orphaned son, a corrupt policeman, mad preachers, and serial killers and prey on each other. Faith is the common theme in all these seemingly distinct narratives, but no reply comes from Heaven. The Devil All the Time is based on the book written by Donald Ray Pollock, who did the narrative for the movie.

5. The Hater

Desperate to improve his social and financial status, an ex-law student works at an Advertising media company. Thomasz soon learns how to use false social media content, manipulation, brainwashing, and sheer violence to his benefit. Starved for success, Thomasz walks on corpses to get what he wants. His moral downfall is a fascinating journey that will sicken and make you think twice before using social media.

6. I’m Thinking of Ending Things

A young woman agrees to visit her boyfriend’s parents at their farm. What starts as a domestic evening turns into a soul searching quest with twists and turns at every threshold. If you are a fan of mind-blowing movies, I’m Thinking of Ending Things might be a good choice for you.

new Netflix movies

7. Project Power

In a dystopian world, people use special pills that trigger superpowers unique to each user. It quickly becomes the most demanded drug, despite its unknown side effects and time-limited action. Fearing a world lead by biological experiments, a former policeman, a young dealer with a big heart, and a former soldier team up to destroy the company behind it.

8. Lost Girls

This movie is inspired by a true crime case that horrified the people living in Long Island. After the authorities don’t find her missing daughter, Mari Gilbert starts her own investigation, leading to the discovery of a dozen corpses around the area. Lost Girls tells a story of determination, of grieving, of a mother’s love that will endure beyond death.

9. Rebecca

This one is for classical literature enthusiasts: a retelling of Daphne du Maurier’s book, Rebecca is a mystery/drama worth a watch. After marrying Maxim de Winter, a young woman’s life is haunted by the memory of the late Mrs. de Winter to the point of a mental breakdown. When the dead are restless, how can the living defeat them?

10. Jingle Jangle: A Christmas Journey

And now, let’s end the New Netflix movies list on a cheerful note.
An elderly toy-maker who creates alive presents for Christmas is betrayed by his apprentice. His adventurous granddaughter decides to retrieve the stolen toy and thus save the beloved holiday. This fantasy musical is the perfect way to get into the Christmas spirit or at least to get lovely gift ideas!

new Netflix movies


Regardless of your predilection towards drama, action, SF, or heartfelt musicals, this list of New Netflix movies you have to watch has them all. I hope you will enjoy these suggestions and share them with your loved ones. After all, everybody enjoys a good movie!



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