New driver? Here’s why you should get a $500 car

New driver

I know what you are already thinking: “Mate, that car can barely run. How can I possibly learn how to drive in it?”. Well, new driver, if you got your licence, it doesn’t mean you’re as good as Lando Norris on the track.

Remember all those mistakes that you made when learning? Well, they can occur again, and one slight dent on your mom’s Mercedes means that you will probably have to wait and heal those belt traces on your asscheeks before sitting behind the wheel again. And that, my friend, is why you should get a cheap car.

Did you park it badly and hit the lighting pole behind you? Well, no worries, it is a cheap car, you don’t need to repair it. Did someone hit you in the parking lot because you were hungry and forgot to press the clutch? No worries, it is cheap. Are the back seats stained from the affair you had last night with your ex? That might be a problem if your parents see it(although dad will probably be proud), but then again, it is a cheap car, slap a $2 seat cover on it and it is fine.

Of course there are some cons too. Trying to find first gear is like stirring your Gordon Ramsay style omelette and pollutes more than a nuclear factory. But, can you live a year, mabye two, like this? Imagine how fun it will be trying to impress girls in rear-wheel-drive BMW’s that you can actually drive now.

Where is the fun in having auto-parking and cruise control from the get go? You will never know how to get your car parked if the system is having a mental breakdown.

So, just in case, please try to get a cheap car if you are a new driver. Your friends will make fun of you, but if they crash their car because they are too cocky, trust me, they will feel much worse than you feel with a 200.000 mile VW Golf MK2.


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