The Most Anticipated New Books of Spring 2022

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Spring is finally here with its warm weather, blooming flowers and new books. The best way to celebrate spring is to sit outside in nature and enjoy the season. And what better way of enjoying spring is there than reading some of the books that are going to come out these months? There is plenty to choose from mysteries, thrillers, literary fiction, fantasy and science fiction, horror to romance, young adult and nonfiction, this selection of books has something for any reader.

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Four Treasures of the Sky by Jenny Tinghui Zhang

Set during the Chinese Exclusion Act of 1882, when immigration from China became prohibited by law in the United States and was followed by an increase in racism against Asians, Four Treasures of the Sky tells the story of a girl who tries to find her place in a country that does not want her. Daiyu is kidnapped and smuggled into America.

She tries to escape her fate in different ways: a calligraphy school, a shop in Idaho or a brother in San Francisco. A debut historical novel that might be one of the best new books of this season, Jenny Tinghui Zhang’s book sounds like a captivating read.

The Diamond Eye by Kate Quinn

Another historical fiction release, this novel takes place during World War II and is based on a true story. Mila Pavlichenko is a Russian born in Kyiv and a student of history that has to leave her bookish life behind after Hitler’s invasion of Ukraine and Russia.

Mila is sent to the battle with a rifle and she becomes one of the deadliest snipers, known as Lady Death. Mila finds herself a national heroine and is sent to the United States. There she develops a friendship with the First Lady, Eleanor Roosevelt and other unexpected and challenging connections.

Mystery and Thriller

The Book of Cold Cases by Simone St. James

Shea Collins runs a true-crime website, the Book of Cold Cases, and she is offered the opportunity of interviewing the prime suspect of the Lady Killer Murders of 1977 when two men were murdered with the same gun, strange notes left behind with them. A rich twenty-three-year-old woman, Beth Greer, was the suspect as she was seen fleeing one of the crimes. However, she was acquitted. T
he two meet regularly at Beth’s mansion. As she discovers more and more about Beth and spends time in her house, observing strange phenomena, she feels that something isn’t right. What are the dangers lurking in that mansion? The Book of Cold Cases is an exciting thriller among the new books of this season.


Book of Night by Holly Black

In the world of Book of Night, your shadow holds power and influence, it can be altered for cosmetic purposes but also for a more important reason. You can even alter someone’s memories or feelings by altering the shadow, but like everything in any world, it has a price, taking hours or days from one’s life. The shadow is a second self that holds everything hidden about a person.

The protagonist, Charlie, is a con artist working as a bartender, doing odd jobs for money and staying away from the world of shadow trading. However, when someone from her past comes back, Charlie’s life is turned upside down and her future becomes unclear. She will have to confront a cast of shadow thieves, billionaires, doppelgangers and even her own sister, all searching to control the magic of shadows.


The Summer Place by Jennifer Weiner

Sarah Danhauser’s twenty-two-year-old stepdaughter announces her engagement to her pandemic boyfriend and she is shocked. Ruby set the date for the wedding in three months and she is eager to proceed. She spoke to Sarah’s mother, Veronica, about holding the wedding at the family’s beach house in Cape Cod. While Sarah worries about the outcome of this rushed wedding, Veronica is happy that the family will unite once again.

Even though Ruby thought she knew what she wanted for her wedding day, as that day comes closer, the wounds left by the mother who left her when she was a baby reappear. Veronica too has to face choices of the past, when she was a bestselling novelist.

Sarah is frustrated with her husband who had become distant during the pandemic. When the wedding day arrives, confrontations and revelations take place for every member of the family.  From the author of the bestselling Big Summer comes another beach read that cements its place on the list of the most anticipated new books of both this season and year.


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