Do you want to keep up with society? That is why you prefer watching movies for bookhours and hours instead of lecturing a book? Or maybe you even think that time is never enough for you, so there is no point in wasting it by reading?

My question for you today is about choices. Since how long haven’t you thought of reading a novel instead of watching a film? Maybe you just consider that is the exact same thing since both have identical characters, similar intrigue, and the same action. But the truths are various because these days everyone is ready to give a whole different reason when they are asked why they stopped reading.

This is such a controversial topic which started from the lack of time that tends to become our greatest problem. Everyone is conscious we are all living in the ages of speed, in a century in which each of us wants to have as much leisure time as possible, so you don’t have to look so shocked about something you have already known.

One thing is for sure, that in the past few years, reading has become a goal from so many perspectives since people tend to make a competition out of it. We stopped reading for pleasure or for our own satisfaction and started buying books just to show off, to demonstrate to others that we are still people interested in becoming more intelligent day by day.


The reality is that no scriptwriter would be able to gather together all the elements that the author wanted to express in the first instance. In the process of writing the scenario, people lose emotions, gestures, looks, or even moments that were supposed to be crucial for the character’s future evolution.

movieThink about a book that has been written in 1800 and now imagine that the film after it was made two centuries later, after 2000. How can you believe that the person who created the script was able to bring back to life the spirit of the society from the XIX th century? How many things that at first seemed to be trivialities could the director present to the audience in a two hours movie? If the details are the biggest and most important difference between a novel and a film made after it why do they always get lost while writing the scenario?

Nowadays, there are movies made after any possible book on Earth, so there seems to be no point in trying to convince anybody to start reading. When I look around, I, unfortunately, see only a few people who don’t have the impression that novels are just another way of wasting time as long as we just could so easily see the film online. But, for the people who still find themselves being happy about a book, why not, at least, try to convince others that the impact of the first lecture can’t be compared to any scenario written by some scriptwriter?


I could start, as basic as it may sound, with the fact that books keep your mind in a continue stimulation, because with every page that you read you gain more and more information about many different subjects you might be interested in.

The actual truth is that each of us needs a moment of peace and silence which reading a book might be able to provide because reading gives us the opportunity to take a step back and escape from this reality.  In some moments, we may as well identify ourselves with the characters from the book and with the way they are handling certain situations.

Some of the films based on famous novels are very well known by lots of people, so maybe titles like “To Kill a Mockingbird”, “The Godfather”, “The Wizard of Oz”, “Harry Potter” or “The Lord of The Rings” bring back memories to many of us, although there are for sure many more adoptions that need to be seen by everyone. However, if you loved a film that much, just imagine retrieving all the lost nuances and emotions by also reading the book.


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