Netanyahu’s Trial delayed until May because of coronavirus crisis

Netanyahu’s Trial delayed coronavirus

The Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s trial on bribery and other corruption charges has been delayed until at least May 24. The trial was scheduled on Tuesday, however, due to the spread of the COVID-19, it will be postponed.

The move came just hours after Mr. Netanyahu’s handpicked justice minister, Amir Ohana, imposed emergency measures on Israeli courts, announced after 1 a.m.

Mr. Netanyahu’s charges include fraud, breach of trust and much more. He is accused of accepting bribes from several media tycoons in exchange for lucrative official favours. Supposedly, they would give his an overwhelmingly good positive media coverage and gift him expensive things.

Benjamin Netanyahu, Israel’s longest-serving premier, failed on March 2 for the third time in a year to win a new term outright. The postponing of his own trial has angered and displeased multiple people, including Netanyahu’s challenger, former army chief Benny Ganz.

“Netanyahu, let’s not manipulate the public. If you’re interested in unity, why postpone your trial at 1 a.m. and send an ‘emergency unity’ outline to the press, instead of sending your negotiating team to a meeting? Unlike you, I will continue to support every appropriate governmental measure, leaving political considerations aside. When you get serious, we can talk” stated Mr. Ganz on Twitter.

”Courts and parliamentary operations must not be suspended, even in emergencies” stated  Nitzan Horowitz, leader of the Meretz party.

Even before the announcement made by Amir Ohana, Netanyahu’s opponents had accused him of exploiting the pandemic caused by the coronavirus for his own benefit, consolidating his power and trying to force the establishment of a national unity government with himself at its head.

What will happen in Israel and what situation will the country be left in, we may only know after the political issues will be resolved.

More info about Coronavirus: right there.


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