Negative feedback — What do I do and how do I deal with it?

Negative feedback

Even if you just published an article, sold your first product or recorded your first song and got a negative feedback, here is the only thing you can do: DEAL WITH IT. This is the only option you’ve got, unless you want to give up and refuse to evolve.

Negative feedback vs. hate

We often tend to confuse negative feedback with hate, which drives us right to the spot where we didn’t want to end up in the first place. Whilst hate is given by people who just want to mess with you or who are simply pursued by envy, negative feedback is given by those who want to point out your mistakes in order for you to improve.

By receiving negative feedback, you know exactly what to change to make your product or your creation better. This way, you can evolve and make great things you didn’t even know you’re capable of. Even so, you need to be very attentive in order to accomplish this. You need to be careful not to change your main idea, but to make it greater.

Choose your path

You can’t always be surrounded by positivity and unicorn sparkles because that’s what life is. Life is anything but easy! When you choose to create or share your thoughts and ideas with the world, I assure you that not everybody is going to agree with you. However, their feedback will help you grow. You need to understand this in order to have the power to continue what you’ve started.

You are in charge, so you need to choose your path: you either allow negative feedback bring you down or allow it to help you grow. There’s nothing more fulfilling than knowing you did your best to evolve. So don’t let anything take you down, but try to see everything around you as a reason to learn and gain more experience. That’s what life really is. Life is about learning and gaining — and a negative feedback is good for your learning process. Take it and deal with it in your most awesome way and you’ll see the results you’ve always dreamed of.

Consider negative feedback part of your evolution because you need everything in order to be your best version ever.

While learning to deal with it, you can also learn how to be happy in your own skin! Check this article out to find more information!


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