Natural juices – 5 benefits

Natural juices - 5 benefits

Fruits and vegetables are essential in a balanced diet and a healthy lifestyle that ensures our longevity, even if they’re in natural juices or not. Not for nothing when we were little parents and grandparents forced us to eat vegetables and fruits to form an iron barrier inside us.

The vitamins and proteins that make them up are essential to our body and assimilate them as soon as we give them the opportunity to have them.

That is why it is very important to consume as many fruits and vegetables as possible, and the easiest way we can assimilate them is through natural juices. Therefore, I will introduce you 5 benefits of natural juices.

1. Homemade juices vs Purchased juices

First of all, we must mention the considerable difference between the natural juices from fruits/vegetables made by you at home and those “natural” juices bought in stores.

Even if the stores mention that the juices are natural, if you read the ingredients on their backs you will still notice some sweeteners and harmful ingredients added by the manufacturer to give a much better taste to the juice.

Marketing can easily fool a person if it is not documented. It may lead him to believe that in this situation he is consuming natural products when in fact many toxic products are hidden in the product. Therefore, the difference between a sour juice (Pepsi, Fanta) and “natural” juice from the store is given by the addition of a label that says “from natural apples”. The 2 categories do not differ so much.

Therefore, it is best to choose your fruits or vegetables from the store and make your natural juice. All you need is a juicer and a blender and you’re done!

And so you are sure that everything is 100% natural and no one can fool you.

2. They strengthen the immune system

Stress, lack of sleep, chaotic and busy schedules can greatly affect our body and mood. As a result, our body is struggling and losing a lot of energy.

In these situations, it is good to have a natural juice with you to help you regain your vitality. As fruits are considerable amounts of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants, just consuming a juice composed of them every 2 days will restore your entire immune system and you will feel like a different person.

3. Helps hydration

It is already known to everyone that it is necessary and mandatory to consume 2 litres of fluids per day.

The need for hydration depends directly on the lifestyle we adopt, our diet and the level of physical effort we put in daily. An energetic person with a busy schedule will need even more fluids to be properly hydrated than one who works in an office.

Thus, not everyone can consume such a large amount of water daily, and the introduction of natural juices here for a small change in routine is only welcome.

Natural juices have a high water content in the composition, so including them in the diet is beneficial for achieving the optimal level of hydration. By consuming fresh fruit or vegetable juices, the skin will regain its elasticity, the muscles will become stronger, and the brain will function perfectly.

4. Detoxifying the body

If your body feels full, heavy, and you feel that it is no longer listening to you and it is not you, here is the perfect time to give yourself a refreshment with a natural fruit or vegetable juice.

Another benefit of homemade natural juices is that they help you detoxify your body. To get rid of toxins from the body, you can make a cure for natural juices.

The best natural juice for this situation is watermelon and mint, as watermelon cleanses the liver and kidneys of toxins, and mint is a powerful antioxidant.

       That being said, eat your vegetables, kids! 🥑 🥦


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