Do I hate my name day? Celebrating a Christian tradition and 2 reasons why I hate it


At birth, some of us receive a saint’s name that will protect us. Celebrating a name day is a tradition that has lost its roots. People nowadays celebrate it ignoring its religious meaning. But besides its religious meaning, what meaning do we give to this day?

We celebrate the name day as a birthday.

In the past, people used to go to church to celebrate their name day. But do we need a second (or even third) birthday? What has one to do with a saint that our parents randomly had chosen? I am not such a religious person, but I grew up thinking my name day is almost as special as my birthday. Even today, I know little about the saint whose name I have. Why? Because even if it is a religious tradition, people went far away from the religious holiday. In the present, I am an adult; I finally have an opinion about this religious fact, what should I do on this celebration day? Can I forget about that special feeling you get on that specific day you share with many others?

Also, should I celebrate it less holistically? Should it be treated as a celebration that is more centered on oneself than on Christianity, or should we keep the roots? Fairly, I do not know what to do with my name day as a nonbeliever.

Am I linked to the saint whose name I have?

What am I supposed to have in common with a saint? Characteristic traits, moral compass, or imagine resemblance? Well, I do not have any. I am not linked to the name I have, as names contain the essence we are. The name is the projection of the character, with no expectation or outside influence. We give our name a meaning, an association, or a symbol.

I do not believe that my name should force me into being someone I am not; or presuppose my character traits.

In conclusion, every year I go further from my name day celebration. I stop celebrating it. I answer the wishes out of courtesy; my name day is just like any other day.







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