My parents are teachers and that sucks!


Are you living with one of your teachers?

If the answer is yes, then I feel you. Give me a hand and let’s talk! Except for the lack of shelves to put your books, high school life is not quite like the one we see in movies and series. The thrill of the unknown, the new world we have access to gives us a deja-vu. We become the star of a series … or maybe not. It just depends on your perspective. My parents are teachers and that sucks!

In the schoolyard, you can see many typologies: the hippies, the rockers, the nerds, the sportsmen. Then, you remember that someone also observes you … You are that student who has the same name like that “mad” teacher and it’s not just a coincidence! The drama of a teacher’s child is hitting now. If he is severe, you are certainly a “nerd” and you will sabotage every attempt to copy at tests. But you don’t know how to spend as little time as possible at school. Many think that your grades are too big. In their vision, you already know the timing of all the tests. You even share the brain with the teacher in your family and you simply always have valuable information that your poor colleagues are missing. Sure you know something and you don’t say. You’re a bipedal puzzle!

All the other teachers know you.

At the family meals, you hear that Professor X doesn’t like your green hair and that you should study more at chemistry, even if your future does not depend on it. Besides, you can meet new people, but they already know who you are. My parents are teachers and I can’t believe it myself, sometimes.

If you want to participate in contests, each step will be commented on. You are a little star! You need to believe in yourself, so I present you a little guide, I hope you’ll enjoy it!

When you hear something bad about the teacher relatives, don’t want anything else than teleporting in another room. To respond to the wicked ones may seem immature… But sometimes you’re even more reluctant – at least you didn’t choose it.

All your best friends are in other classes or other high-schools

You have met them in middle school. They actually like your personality. When with them, you can’t sense the hypocrisy. They know both you and your parents, but they are They got to know you without caring about assumptions, so they are pure gold.

Maybe, in reality, no one cares, but for me, it is a special issue. I did not mean to express any frustration, but some fun facts are reported. Honestly, I feel grateful for my family, for the wonderful people with whom I am associated.

I would compare the life of a teacher’s child to the experience of being on a minefield full of diamonds. The bombs on this land don’t kill you. In the end you get a little ragged, with minor injuries, but you still have a backpack full of diamonds. By diamonds, I mean advantages. Indeed, it’s great to get bigger grades. But the real benefit is that you know how both sides think, you know what “strategies” to adopt to please everyone. You become a small intermediary between two worlds that depend on each other. I find this a wonderful feeling. Also, if you like to learn, you have access to great books in the field that the teacher in your family is specialized in.

If you have a healthy mind you can succeed in learning and have fun.

If you are in my situation, don’t think that having teacher relatives is a social handicap! Everyone will say you are a good man after spending some time with you. Then it is possible to hear comparisons between you and the teacher relatives, but it is good to remember that you are a unique being. The fact that my parents are teachers sucks, but it’s a new lesson every day.

Yes, you are different, maybe even privileged.
Your efforts will be ignored by some and put on a name you share with someone you love. But you and the important people know the truth. Nothing else matters, so keep rocking your own way! Once the school is over, you will no longer be “X’s son”. Even if you always had got your back covered, I don’t think that this will undermine your independence. You will find out in the future how to make the sweetest lemonade from the sourest lemons. Carpe Diem! Have a nice day!

Author: Francesca Benta


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