My 4 favorite cult movies – definitely worth a re-watch!

Looking for some new content for your upcoming sessions of binge-watching? Why don’t you try out some oldies but goodies? With great pleasure, I present to you my favorite cult movies that will never go out of style and are worth re-watching over and over again.

The Rocky Horror Picture Show (1975)

The film stars Susan Sarandon and Barry Bostwick as a young couple who, after getting a flat tire, intending to look for help, stumble upon a castle. The castle turns out to be the home of a bunch of people dressed up in bizarre costumes. Their leader is Dr. Frank N. Further (with a slight connotation to Dr. Frankenstein), a transvestite and a scientist trying to build a man whom he later names Rocky.
I know. It doesn’t make any sense, right? But, trust me. I have never watched a more senseless yet entertaining movie in my entire life. The cult classic offers you splendid music, an eccentric plot and quirky characters. What more could you wish for? 

The Breakfast Club (1985)

If you haven’t watched this iconic coming-out-of-age movie, it’s about time you do. In his all-time classic, John Hughes gives us the ultimate stereotypical high school characters: the shy girl, the cheerleader, the athlete, the nerdy guy and the rebel. On a Saturday morning, they are all gathered in the school library for detention. Although annoyed at first, their punishment will turn out to be an incredible bonding experience.

Hocus Pocus (1993)

Halloween is not the same without re-watching Hocus Pocus. Kenny Ortega’s masterpiece is one of my ultimate favorite cult movies that will cast a spell on you within seconds. The movie takes place in the bewitched city of Salem, known of course for the 1692 Witch trials.
The plot focuses on three witches, who are brought back to life by the sceptic Max, and their mission of obtaining eternal life. What qualifies the movie as a cult film is the mixture of humor and spookiness, as well as fright and goofiness. In my house, it’s a must-watch during every Halloween season.

Mean Girls (2004)

Every time I watch Mean Girls my brain gets flooded with memories from my teenage years. The film centers around Cady Heron, the new kid on the block who moves back to the US after living in Africa. Because her parents homeschooled her for most of her life, Cady experiences high school for the very first time. And let me tell you, she was not ready for it at all.
Soon enough, she draws the attention of a group of popular girls who call themselves the “Plastics” lead by the typical mean girl Regina George. As a result of their influence, Cady gets herself in some pretty deep waters and eventually becomes the group’s newest leader and manipulator.
Now that you know my favorite cult movies, I highly recommend that you give them a shot. Make some popcorn, put on your pajamas, and treat yourself to a relaxing movie night.


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