My advice on growing long and strong nails (and keeping them this way)


If you are reading this, it means you may have tried everything out there in order to grow out or strengthen your nails: the garlic method, various nail hardeners, soaking your nails in hot castor oil, and so forth. Even though these may work for some people, keep in mind that we all are different human beings, with different metabolisms.

I have been on my nail growth and strengthening journey for two and a half years now. From the experience I have gathered, I will give you some of my advice on growing long and strong nails:

Your nails won’t grow themselves, sweetheart!

If you really want to grow out of your nails but are not willing to do any sacrifices, you will not succeed. Sitting around waiting for a magical product that will provide you with everything you need will get you nowhere. This requires effort.


Keeping your nails and hands clean is crucial for your overall health. This helps you stay away from hepatitis or other related diseases but also from fungi. Gloves can be of great help for this, as well as for the next issue:

Try not to put your nails through too much shock.

I highly recommend that you use gloves while doing whatever house chores, gardening in order to stay away from breakage. If you do not feel okay with them on, take care not to damage your nail plates.
For example, even though my nails are now quite strong and resistant, they still break sometimes while putting shoes on or opening cabinets.


What I do between manicures (approximately twice a week) is take off all of my nail polish with a natural, not acetone-based nail polish remover and scrub my nails and hands with a gentle scrub.

Removing cuticles

It’s your choice whether you remove your cuticles or not. I personally prefer doing it because it gives me a cleaner look. If you’re not about cuticle pushers or cutters, there are some chemical cuticle removers out there that make the dead skin lift from the nail plate. This way it gets easier to remove.


Filing your nails at least twice a month will help you keep your desired nail shape (or even length) and remove all the hanging corners that often make your nails break off easier.


Be careful while choosing your nail tools. Most metal ones are harsh and often more imprecise. Glass cuticle pushers or nail files are on the more expensive side but they do such good work!


Like your skin, hair, or even body, your nails need constant moisturising. Not sticking to this rule will cause them to flake off and implicitly get thinner.
Right after following all the previous steps, I massage my nails with my oil mix made up of castor, argan, and jojoba oil. I like adding a few drops of any essential oil is closer to me at the time. It’s therapeutic.

Painting your nails

Even though I consider applying nail polish to be a personal choice, I feel like having them painted most of the time keeps them from getting attacked by external factors, such as water, or even harsh substances.
I consider nail painting to be an awesome way of self-expression.
A clear lacquer is just what you need if you aren’t really into colours.

Lastly, I will be debunking some extremely popular myths:

Having yellow-tinted nails does not mean they are dirty or unhealthy. Yellowness is due to the pigments found in nail polish. Do not try bleaching them with lemon juice, baking soda, really harsh cleansers that are not meant for nails or skin as these all will unrepairably weaken them.

Nail hardeners are, in fact, awful for weak nails. While they may give you the feeling that they get more rigid, and while that is not completely wrong, them being rock-hard is not what you want.
Imagine all the situations you encounter in your daily life: hitting your hand on a piece of furniture, getting your hand stuck. Your nails being just a little bit bendy will result in them surviving.
If you have a nail hardener on, they will just pop.

Filing or buffing your nail surface to get rid of ridges is so unfair to your poor nails. What you’re doing is just exfoliating your nail plate, Ridges will still appear as they grow. Buy a ridge filler!

The longer they grow, the stronger they get. False! Lengthening and strengthening just happen to synchronise with time. That’s that.

I hope my advice on growing long nails will help you find the products and techniques that work with your nails. Don’t give up, creating your nail care routine takes time and patience. It’s all about trial and error!

If you’re interested in a product that will help you strengthen your nails and hair, I highly recommend reading our article about Forcapil.


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