My 3 failed attempts to master a second language

My 3 failed attempts to master a second language

Let’s talk about failed attempts. This year I tried to learn and master a second foreign language. Since I’m a proud B2 English speaker, writer, singer, acrobat, I thought I must know as many languages as I can! And my failed attempts, surprisingly; here’s why.


failed attempts

Maybe a failed attempt? Ok, so I first tried to learn French. Not that hard, since I’ve studied this language for almost…6 years I must say. HAH, funny. I completely forgot how to conjugate avoir and etre. Why’s that? Because I never used it in any conversation, and, honestly, French was not that common in movies, video games, etc. But the grammar may not be the worst of them all. For me, it’s pronunciation. I could listen to thousands of podcasts, and still not know how to pronounce eau. Remember that meme with the cat pronouncing eau? Exactly.

Polishfailed attempts

Here I don’t even have to explain. But, after I saw the documentary about Stanislav Szukalski. I was amazed by the language and the rich culture. And I was lucky that free courses in polish were taking place at my university. And thus, I began. The alphabet was not that bad, many words were similar to my native language (Romanian), and I was pretty confident about my evolution after the first course. Then…przepraszam, dziewiętnaście, and książka happened. And somehow, I was too excited at first, that I stopped enjoying this language.


So here could be another failed attempt. My experience with Italian is kind of harsh. On my first trip to Italy, I went to a city that didn’t have too many English speakers. So I was walking with Google Translate open, just to buy some bread. And yes, people were laughing at me, and I would keep on answering with si, si, and ciao. That was my performance. My first attempt at conversation was with an old lady when I told her I like to eat. That was one of my biggest accomplishments. Weird flex though.

failed attempts

What I want to say is that if you want to learn a second language, you must forget about the excitement in the first two weeks. Yes, movies, songs, and poetry in that language will definitely help you. And learning a new language by yourself is even a bigger flex. But take it seriously, and most importantly, learn something every day. One of my teachers told me about a man that knew many languages. And his secret was learning for 15 minutes every day. Just a small amount of time constantly will make you fluent in any language you want. Just keep going. In that way, you shouldn’t get any failed attempts. And if you want to learn polish…Good luck.


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