My 20th anniversary, or how I spent my birthday alone, in quarantine


The day is the 15th of october, 2 days before my birthday, one day before my quarantine started, not knowing I will spend the next two weeks alone. It was as normal as a day could be. Doing my homework, in my dorm room, after a long day full of courses. My roommate busts open the door, announcing that he feels that his smell and taste are gone. As we did not know what to do, we concluded that we should self-isolate, at least until tomorrow.

The first day of quarantine

The next morning I woke up to the same unsettling thought. I knew exactly what was going on, so I started packing up my clothes and everything I could possibly need for the next two weeks. When I arrived at my countryside house, which nobody usually sleeps in, I lit up the fire in the hearth. Luckily, the WiFi I have set up 2 months before this was really good, and I could partake in my online classes.

My birthday

Now it is the 17th of october, my birthday, i am alone, in quarantine. My parents brought me a bag which was chock-full with sweets, snacks, and all things great. I personally asked them to bring me 2 beef steaks, as a replacement to a birthday cake. So I set fire to the charcoal inside of the grill, and waited until they were as orange as a pumpkin. 6 minutes of cooking later, and I had the most beautiful steaks (this is the recipe I followed). Throughout the whole day, a lot of people messaged and called me to say happy birthday, and to check if I was okay. This was, of course, making me happy, but it wasn’t the same. 

The rest of the quarantine

All in all, this experience was one of self learning, of self control and most important of all, of patience. Two weeks may seem to be a short time. But when you have no physical contact with anyone and the possibility to exit your home does not exist anymore, two weeks feel like two months. I hope my story is a lesson to anyone who does not believe in COVID. Stay safe, wear a mask, use hand sanitizer, and take care of each other.


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