Motivation: 3 simple tips for greater determination!


Let’s face it: we all have our moments, days or even weeks when we have no motivation, at all. We just want to be some couch potatoes and do nothing. But potatoes turn into French fries after all, with the burning desire to be productive. It’s difficult, but possible! And, in fact, it’s more simple that you’d think. Let’s we dive into a sea of motivation and leave procrastination behind, shall we?

Think about your immediate future self

Would your future self be happy and content with what you did or do, or better said, didn’t do? Are you content with what your lack of motivation did to you up until now? If your answer is “no”, then you have to do something about it. Start with more manageable and simple tasks, such as being physically active for around 20 minutes. Or doing a certain chore around the house. Tidying up your room. Any simple accomplishments will lead to bigger and greater ones. Trust me, you will feel more confident and energized afterwards!


External motivation is great, but internal motivation is greater

Supporting relatives, friends, loved ones or colleagues are truly a divine gift. We have to be grateful for each one of them and appreciate them more. They can be a huge help into building out self-esteem and determination. But they are not always with us, maybe some of us didn’t have the luck of having them at all. And over-depending on someone can do great damaging.

Greatest changes comes from within yourself! We are more capable than we’d think. Take a deep breath, stand up and shout as loud as possible inside your mind: YOU CAN DO IT! Whenever I feel unproductive I stop for a minute, look around and notice the things I did, even the smallest ones. They count, a lot! So I give myself what I call “power slaps” over my face, wake up emotionally and try my best to do what I really wanted to do. No more “later” or “tomorrow”. It’s now or never!

It’s a promise to yourself, do not break it!

Imagine you promise to do something for a loved one. Maybe clean the bathroom or write an e-mail. But you don’t have the motivation to do it so you don’t do it, at all. How would that loved one feel? Would they be happy? Nope, they would be disappointed. Now, let’s imagine the exact same thing, but putting yourself in the shoes of that loved one. You’d feel great displeasure. So, anytime you want to do something, make a promise with yourself. And try to keep it!


It might be hard for some of us, since a lot of people are struggling with self-love. But remaining into that pit of darkness will only bring whammies. Not only for you, but for the others as well. It’s a long road, but the journey is going to bring you not only obstacles, but opportunities as well. Just do it! It’s worth a shot, you won’t lose anything!

The conclusion?

Even the happiest and most and hard-working people have their moments of sorrow, lack of motivation or reason. It’s normal to feel like this every now and then. What’s not normal is letting yourself swallowed by this giant cluster of negative emotions. So, take a break from time to time, take good care of your mind and body. Stop for a minute to see everything you accomplished so far. Instead of only focusing on the negative things, appreciate the small, yet positive things in your life. Things will get better. Do not succumb to the big scary monster called “procrastination” and always seek ways of healthily improving yourself!



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