Modern love? Don’t wanna hear a word about it!

modern love
modern love


If you thought that modern love still means loyalty, respect, soul attachment, the impossibility of imagining a future without „that one,” as well as other cliches, please note that this new type of love has grown out of fashion, you need an update.
Young people no longer dream of a romance like in „Romeo and Juliet” (anyway, they died like two fools). They have fully revolutionised this term.
He loves you, because, even though he talks to 10 other girls, he sends you more kissing emojis and he only put you on seen twice.

Clearly, he cares about you, doesn’t he?

He loves you, because after you shared your feeling with him he has tried every possible method to make you jealous, and if he wouldn’t love you, why would he waste any more time with these things?
She loves you, because, at parties, she flirts with other guys, but only innocent flirting, nothing more, because she loves you too much to risk more.

He loves you, because he saw you once on the street and because he has spent two hours to find your Facebook profile and after that add you.

She loves you, because two days ago she has broken up with her boyfriend and chose you to be the „morphine” that cures the severe pain caused by that „bastard” for whom she „would have done anything”.
He loves you, because he felt alone and wanted to have a relationship, just like all his friends have.

… but he loves you, believe me …

We live in a world where #couplegoals and the perfect picture where you are both happy matter.

Modern love has become better sold than Coca Cola, Starbucks or Netflix.

That two-meter-plush you saw on Instagram really matters, right? You’ve said that your present wouldn’t be perfect without it. That trail of petals which leads to the bed really matters because yeah, why not … You can’t post a Valentine’s Day picture without that bed full of pink pillows and roses from your lover? That huge box of chocolate that you share with your friends when you go out on the 8th of March really matters. Doesn’t it? But you forget the fool who grants all your whims at home.

And now let me focus on the gentlemen …

For you, there is something much more important than the financial situation of the princess that you desire. It’s the body that matters. And the face. Less, but it matters. As long as the girl next to you is a bimbo you are extremely happy because your love consists only in showing up with her in public and that’s it. If someone asks you what her favorite color is, what makes her smile, which is her biggest fear, you will laugh like a fool and shrug. But if she leaves, you’re the one who says that she’s a bitch and that she has lost a stallion.
Friends, dear young people, stop denigrating love with such a materialistic manner.

No, love is not like in all those love movies which all look the same.

If you see one you say you’ve seen all of them. Love is not like in those 2$ books from Walmart. Love is not #goals. It’s not what you see in those cheap TV series where the girl needs 103829028 episodes to tell the guy that she loves him. Then, after 10 minutes, they get to hate each other to death.

Love is a feeling.

And feelings are so beautiful, even the sad ones. They cannot be explained. Please stop labeling everything as „modern love” just because it’s trendy. Please do not measure love in seen/unit of time or in the speed of message replies multiplied by the stupidity bought out of obligation.
Love, which for years has been glorified by poets, prose writers, painters, now is being crushed to the ground, smeared and killed with bestiality.

So go on Play Store (or App Store), the one that’s in your head, and delete new love update.

Take advantage of the fact that today you are free to love whoever you want without hiding in the palace’s gardens, without being afraid that you can literally lose your head from a kiss.
Delete every new love update and you will see how your limits fade away. Live like this and stay stuck on your financial situation and appearance.
Go back to the factory settings and spread some of that old fashioned love!

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