Mining the treasures of your mind


Without further ado, a definition of mining and its relationship with the treasures of the mind is enough to bring home its significance in our daily lives.

Mining is defined as extracting or digging metals and minerals from the earth by using explosives. Well, on the other hand, the mind is an element of a person that enables them to be aware of the world and their experiences. It makes them think, and feel.

Miners have succeeded in getting metal and mineral resources needed to construct roads, hospitals, automobiles, houses, computers, satellites, and many more. But not all Miners seek diamonds, coals, and metals. Figuratively, some do any activity that extracts valuable things from underneath their brains.

Nevertheless, the desire to be rich and powerful, that desire to have many chieftaincy titles almost caught up every Nigerian citizen. Although, you will not meet your wishes by sitting down flipping through the television channels all morning and night. In order to have many chieftaincy titles, you have to become a miner. A miner who digs deep to extract valuable things using intellectual capabilities, brains, and imagination. You need to do it to create something out of nothing.

The question here is how do you mine the treasures of your mind?

Well, scooping ones reasoning in search of endearments for puzzling circumstance, is such that adroit do. A Miner is an adroit who is skillful and a problem solver. He is also a deft person, quick and neat in action. A person who knows what needs to be done, when and how to do it.

Moreover, miners who seek the treasure of the mind are critical thinkers. One who thinks clearly and rationally makes logical connections between ideas. It is crucial to explore and understand the world we live in. Critical thinkers are focused on constantly upgrading their knowledge, and they engage in independent self-learning.

Furthermore, Miners who seek treasures in the mind knows that treasure isn’t easy to find and get so once it is gotten, one tries to be creative about it; so be a creator. God is creative, and so should you. The desire to mine diamonds out of the mind comes with the price of cultivating ideas of being open and aware of opportunities, and equally making practical use of it. Additionally, creative people are always eager to find solutions to problematic situations.

People create their own luck

Well, the secret to creating your own luck is setting realistic goals and having a clear vision. Make sure to remember that no one can stop you, except yourself. You can either be your biggest enemy, or your supporter. Mining the treasures of the mind is how great people makes name for themselves in the society and the world a better place too. Mine your mind for treasures of a better future.


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