Millennials: silly teens or revolution masters?


Millennials (those born between 1980 and early 2000s) or the spawn of Satan, no difference between those two titles.

See, millennials have somewhat of a repulsion regarding those outside this demographic, and they have the right to. Being so harshly judged and miserably portrayed as lazy, consumers of economical resources and the abomination of cultural virtues, you can’t expect all of these words not to leave scars.

This mentality is the ultimate result of one of the harshest socio-economical strikes humanity has ever taken: war.

The survivors of the two World Wars have been the ones forced to rebuild societies being left only with the aftermath. They restructured their lives and started families, reconstructed houses and raised monuments. They built all of this on the foundation of loss, pain, trauma, and frustration caused by unjustifiable death and horrors.

Therefore, taking aside the good intention of their social rehabilitation, the base layer of it all resumes to fear.

We must not forget thaT slavery, torture, violence, immorality, power imbalance and manipulation scarred the 20th century. What’s scary is that aside from the struggles inflicted on people, they sky-rocketed the economy.

The purpose of this analysis was to serve an explanation. As for why those above the age of 60 are generally living in a state of inadaptation. In Romania, they had a monumental problem- Communism.

The communist dictatorship, and especially the censure and strict routines have an important role in the outdated mindset of Romania.

The hunger, poverty, and deprivation of basic human needs, alongside previously mentioned factors, portray the perfect circumstances that lead to one of the ugliest kinds of mindset: an exaggerated sense of self-righteousness.

Those born in the ’60s, ’70s and early ’80s, those who were only in the prime of age at the fall of Communism, during The Revolution- they are the ones who think that they are entitled to everything because they lived a hard life.

Truth is, my darlings, nobody is entitled to anything. We have to work for whatever goal we mean to achieve.

Love is rewarded with love, work is rewarded with gratitude and achievement. The people who think that their struggles are a reason good enough to feel entitled to the work of others are the same people who think that millennials owe them everything. Their logic is not completely wrong. We are supposedly more free than they were.

We have broader possibilities. Theoretically, more and better-paid jobs. We are young and can take a lot because we are adaptable. Truth is, this is not the reality we live in.

Our salaries are not that big, we are not that many (since the natality rate is lower). The employment criteria are becoming more and more exigent and we lost the vast majority of practical jobs since everyone wants to become an entrepreneur now-days and that kinda makes our situation more difficult since they are not the best decision-makers.

Unfortunately, it’s their fault (the older demographic’s fault).

It’s their fault for washing their hands off of all moral responsibility. They allowed corruption and injustice to lead this country. They gave power to illiterate avars. The economy is shaking and taxes keep rising while our incomes are quickly dropping. It’s their fault that instead of making choices and taking action they hid behind self-pity. And it’s their fault that education is not a priority anymore.

It’s easy to set high standards for those whom you are not fighting along with.

It costs you nothing to say that our soldiers, mere humans, are fighting for their autonomy and survival, instead of living their lives. They are constantly aiming to maintain their human rights and the social structure of a self-righteous class, a class that sees millennials as a burden, a generation that wastes the resources they worked for, with blood, sweat, and tears.

But it is all wrong because we are trying so hard to show our gratitude, without actually having the real privilege to do so.

The fact that so many of us are doing nothing with their lives is a direct consequence of their ignorance at the fate of our country and future. When they are making assumptions, they go directly to the idea of millennials being lazy and ungrateful, completely dismissing that we can only work with what our parents left us. They step back from every bit of responsibility and hand us a broken country telling us “Here. Fix this.”- the country they failed to preserve.


And we WILL fix it. But not for them. We will fix it for our futures.


We will do it because God gave us this wonderful land which could become a real pearl, by putting in the necessary amount of work. It would be inhuman to let it waste away completely. The future is in our hands. 

We are the change.

Author: Catalin Cornea



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