Court drama – 5 incredible aspects of the Middle Ages

If you’ve ever thought that soap operas are a recent invention, I am about to prove you the opposite. In fact, English court life had its share of drama – which was at its best during the reign Henry the VIIIth!
Most of us have definitely heard about Henry the VIIIth and his very many wives – and undoubtedly we’ve wondered what was going on with this man and his conjugal life, which was full of drama!
Well, throughout this article I will explain to you why Henry was for sure the most sexual monarch in the United Kingdom – and perhaps in the entire world!
He had more wives than some of us have friends
Henric broke all the social and religious barriers and married not once or twice – but six times. Even nowadays that is a huge amount of feminine energy in only one man’s life! Back then, this behavior was nearly heretic, denying God and his authority.

Court drama - 5 incredible aspects of the Middle Ages

He created a church in order to get to be with another lady
After being married for a while to Catherine of Aragon, still young and fertile Henry decided that he wanted to get another wife – hopefully, one that would bear him male heirs. Therefore, he sued his first wife claiming that, because she had been his brother’s wife, they broke the laws of the church and committed a capital sin – therefore, they had never, in fact, been married.
The historians are still debating whether this is true or not – but Henry succeeded with his plan of marrying another woman by creating his own church, the Anglican church when the Pope denied his divorce. His life was a continuous drama.
For every lover, he had another lover
His love affair with Anne Boleyn is well-known for having changed the face of the UK – and the world – but what is even more striking is the fact that, while having Anne as his main mistress, Henry was meeting other ladies! I know – that is a lot of women!
In fact, historians have decided that Henry was simply unable to focus on merely one woman – so he behaved pretty much like a child who wanted everyone to obey and worship him, including every lady in his kingdom. This caused a lot of drama. His perpetual need for attention combined with the fact that he was the one wearing the crown – the most powerful person in England back then – turned him into a scary figure, that could harm, threaten, and even slaughter women when they didn’t obey him. Perhaps that’s why no lady dared to refuse his flirtatious attention, even though that could have been compromising for the lady in cause!

I know what you’re thinking – those were very tough times for a woman to be alive since she was pretty much a toy for men such as Henry and her life would be a drama.

Court drama - 5 incredible aspects of the Middle Ages

Breaking up was not an option
After getting bored, the tumultuous and highly sexual ruler would not simply and elegantly break up with his wives  – in fact, he cut off the head of most of them, increasing the drama. Historians claim that Anne Boleyn was the first queen ever to be locked up in the Tower of London, the infamous jail where thieves, murderers, and criminals were kept.
The greater the love, the fastest the ending
No matter how much Henry loved his wives and lovers, he proved to be unstable emotionally  – therefore, the moment he grew tired of a woman, he would start thinking about another one and, implicitly, about the former’s death! And he was quite creative when getting rid of them!
After so much court drama and machinations, no wonder Queen Elizabeth the Ist did not want to get married – her daddy set a pretty traumatic example!


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