Michael White, US navy veteran, on way home after 683 days of detention in Iran


Michael White is a US veteran that’s on his way home after 683 days of detention in Iran. He was sentenced to prison last year on unspecified charges.

Michael was arrested in 2018 after travelling to find his girlfriend in an Iranian city, Mashhad.

An Iranian doctor gets back to Iran and he was released from prison when the foreign minister announced the return. Washington denies that this is a swap between prisoners.

Furthermore, this is a rare example of co-operation Iran-USA. US President Donald Trump confirmed that Mr White has been freed and the Swiss plane he was travelling on had left Iranian airspace.

“I am to happy announce that Navy Veteran, Michael White, who has been detained by Iran for 683 days, is on a Swiss plane that just left Iranian Airspace. We expect him to be home with his family in America very soon….”, wrote Donald Trump on Twitter.

Mr White mother: “For the past 683 days my son, Michael has been held hostage in Iran by the IRGC and I have been living a nightmare. (…) I am blessed to announce that the nightmare is over, and my son is safely on his way home.”


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