On mental health’s importance and 5 easy steps to work on it

Mental Health


Mental health. I believe that most of us had already hit this particular wall before. It’s indeed hard to be active, creative, motivated, and happy all at once.

Most people only succeed only in a few of those categories, but it’s pretty rare that one can achieve them all.

This article will talk mainly about the reasons why these issues occur in our lives, understanding their root and their possible fixes, and finally suggest effective ways to take a bit more care of your mental health than you did in the past.

Create habits

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We as fellow humans work with habits. A recent study showed that the part of the brain that has to do with our habits is different from the one that memories are found in.

So, easily explained, that means that a habit becomes something that you are not aware of, an involuntary action, if you will, and that’s what makes it so dangerous to one’s mental health.

Don’t get me wrong, habits are usually good, constructive, and overall, a nice mental health boost , but we often find ourselves doing the wrong things for the weirdest reasons, and sometimes these actions do not even have an explanation, we just do them as a result of an unchanged negative behavior that we didn’t fix in the past.

With that said, do new things.  Explore out of your bubble as much as your heart tells you to.

Start taking notes, a diary, let’s say, with anything that crosses your mind on an average day. Stick to that habit as much as you can, and let it take control and replace the previous negative habits.

Work on your mental health by stimulating your reward system

The reward system, a pretty unknown term, that most of us are not even aware of, makes the difference on how easy it is to work on your mental health

Everything we do has a basic structure that goes like this:

Desire, which is normally followed by a certain Effort, and finally the Reward that we so hard worked for. Some people trick their reward system, and often choose the easier way, either we are talking about poor eating habits or even cheating on a test.

The human mind desires a certain thing or feeling, and we have the freedom of choosing whether it is something that we should work for, thus stimulating the reward system, or choose the easier way, and continue degrading it, making it harder for one to focus.

Restrict your screen time

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It is a well-known fact by know that spending more than 3 hours per day on social media is not only a loss of time, but also a degrading factor as far as mental health is concerned.

People nowadays find it absolutely impossible to live without a phone.

I understand that, as long as the device is being used properly, for an adequate number of hours and for important actions, but it’s out of control for some people, to say the least.

It’s been shown that reducing as little as 2 hours of screen time/day could have tremendous advantages:

  • You will definitely have more energy (rested eyes)
  • You will be happier at the end of the day with what you have truly achieved, rather than dreaming about what you could do
  • You will find it easier to start doing complicated tasks (finishing a book, keeping a diet, etc.)

There are only benefits from doing so little, so I suggest you take your shot. You will most probably fail at first, but the importance does not stay in succeeding from the first shot, but rather not giving up. The moment you give up you are back to square one, struggling again to even reach the level you previously got at, so keep that in mind whenever you find yourself mindlessly scrolling on the internet or continuing to eat poorly.

Socialize more

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The pandemic unfortunately did not only affect our health, but also our social life.

After so much time in quarantine, it’s become the norm to talk via online services, and even have online courses for what I am concerned. These are all events that slowly affect our mental health and events that should be compensated by doing other constructive activities, such as calling a friend instead of texting them, or even better, visit them (respecting, of course, the laws imposed by your country with respect to the pandemic situation currently going on).

Be you, as hard as it is in those horrible times, and stay safe.


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