Mental breakdown: 5 ways to overcome it

Mental breakdown: 5 ways to overcome it

Everyone can experiences a mental breakdown in their life, especially when they happen to feel overwhelmed or pressured. But when you are a student, you are bound to experience it more often. Sometimes you might feel like there is not enough time to study and the exams are approaching, which can stress you out and can make you lose your hope.

Mental breakdown: 5 ways to overcome it

There are many triggers that can lead you to a mental breakdown. The lack of sleep, bad eating habits and the endless studying are the most common. When you feel stuck and find it really hard to concentrate and pull yourself together it’s a sign that you need a break. If you discover that you can’t comprehend what you are reading anymore, it means that it might be too much for you and you clearly need to rest.

Here are some tips to help you clear your mind and regain your focus.

Take a day off

It might be hard because you might think that it’s going to make you more anxious. This is what a mental breakdown can do to you. But in reality, you definitely need to take some time for yourself to recharge. This is the only way you can continue your studies with a new-found energy. After a little rest you will definitely be more productive because, after you cleared your mind for a little bit, you will feel more calm and it will be easier for you to pay attention.

Get out of the house

When you spend too much time locked inside, learning day and night you tend to mentally exhaust yourself. It’s dangerous to study without and any breaks. You need to go outside from time to time and take some fresh air. You can have a nice walk or visit your favorite shops and bakeries for a little treat. But the most important thing is to let all your problems at home and enjoy the little things that make you happy. You can also go out with your friends and enjoy some quality time in their presence.

Mental breakdown: 5 ways to overcome it

Eat well

If you are too stressed, you may start to skip some meals thinking it’s just a waste of time. But you should definitely eat proper and nutritious dishes that will give you the energy you need to keep going. If you can’t cook for yourself you can also buy something decent to eat and maybe start, step by step, to make a habit of having at least two serious meals every day  .

Avoid a breakdown by setting smaller goals

You don’t have to study that many hours a day. It might not be bad to reduce the amount of time you spend while preparing for your exams and the amount of information you decide to learn each day. You might discover that is way to much and it drains you.


Sleeping is really important. This is the best solution to let your mind rest. The lack of sleep can be dangerous and it can make it difficult for you to focus properly and actually remember the information you are trying to memorize, which can lead to a mental breakdown. Sometimes a good rest is all you need to feel like new.

Mental breakdown: 5 ways to overcome it

Overcoming a mental breakdown is not easy. But you shouldn’t give up at the first hurdle, and learn how to rest and take some time to take care of yourself. Always remember that your health must come first and when you are well, you can do anything you set your mind to.

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