Memory: 3 interesting things about it


As you may often experience, our memory is not always so great. Most of the time is confusing, and not helping at all in exams. I stumbled upon this video that made me explain all my weird memories that never happened. Don’t use this as an excuse for the exam session though.

9/11 memories

This tragic event looks like small pieces from different puzzles. In this video, we are presented to a girl that has false memories about the event. And, surprisingly, she’s not the only one. It seems like human memory is trying to replace missing pieces in our own images. Sometimes, we get triggered by different events. And some parts of our reminiscences get automatically deleted and replaced with something else.

Some people are born with an awesome memory

Next, we have an interview with Yanjaa Wintersoul, who is a memory champion. She can memorize hundreds of digits, only by transforming each digit into a letter, then to a word, and finally, to a story. Here we learn that each part of the brain remembers different feelings and things. This is why some of us have a more visual or auditory memory. It’s about what part of the brain is more developed.

How to improve memory

The best way to improve memory is to train it. It’s like a muscle: as long as you’re constantly working on it, it grows bigger. Try to learn something new every day, or memorize poetry, songs. And last of all, you can use the memory palace technique, where you can try to make a story out of your homework to try to remember it. It works especially if you introduce personal images and feelings to it.

To conclude this article, don’t always trust your memory. Not even your own eyes. Our memories are filtered through our own emotions, so next time you see something, try to envision it through someone’s eyes. Objectively.


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