Makeup: 3 amazing tips and tricks to look flawless


Next time when you think about makeup, think about something that’s not meant to make something beautiful, but to magnify the beauty that already exists; it’s fun to make up things, be flawless! Spending a lot of money on makeup isn’t as relevant as looking after the best formula. But still, it doesn’t matter how much effort you put in, it doesn’t matter how long and complex is your makeup routine.

Sometimes, it just looks bad. You can see the pores, the skin is obviously dry. Sometimes it looks perfect but at the end of the day or even just a few hours, it looks awful. This is so frustrating, but here you home some tips and tricks to look more flawless in reality in terms of makeup.


These are probably the most important steps. First of all, clean your face with a special cleanser. It depends on your skin’s type, so be careful which cleanser is better for you. You can clean your skin with a gel cleanser, liquid one, it depends. After you use a cleanser, use a moisturizer. It’s a must! This is the key to make your makeup looks flawless. A moisturizer is like a barrier, and allow your foundation to sit still.

You should always hydrate your skin, not just because makes your foundation looks better. You should use it in the cold weather, it balances the pH of your skin, it helps you to look youthful and there are a lot more benefits! Be hydrated and drink water as well.

Coming back, before you apply the foundation you should let the moisturizer infiltrate your skin, a few minutes would be perfect. Also, use a primer, so it won’t look patchy!  A lightweight primer can save your life, it would make your skin so smooth you won’t believe it! And you don’t even need much of it. Yes, a moisturizer makes your skin softer, but think that a primer gives you something else, something that’s a must! It’s like something to cling to, so it will stay on your skin during the day, and basically, it won’t slip away.


Yes, it’s a thing. Be aware of it, choosing the right shade and formula it’s a very important step when it comes to makeup. Until now, you applied the coats of the wall but now we are building the wall! If you have oily skin (non-comedogenic) it’s simple: use an oil-free foundation. For dry skin, you need a creamy foundation so this way you’ll be sure that your skin remains moisturized. But, if your skin is somewhere in between, look for a foundation that has buildable coverage.

For any type of skin, a liquid formula works and a lot of makeup artist states this. Ad layers, thin ones, apply carefully until your skin will as covered as you want. Use a lightweight liquid foundation, it will help you a lot because it’s better than a heavy coverage stick or even a powder.  Make sure your shade is close to your skin tone if it’s not the perfect match.

An important step to make your makeup look flawless is to choose the right shade. If it’s too light or dark, it will be obvious and it will look cakey. Test the color on your jawline, it has to look natural and the shade must be matching. If the skin is oily, the foundation may oxidize the color and make it look awful and unnatural. To avoid this, let the foundation set for some minutes, it will save your life. Before you move to other products, let it rest to make sure it won’t oxidize.


Brushes and fingers. Yes, I said it! Use your fingertips to press the foundation into the skin, of course after you use a brush. It will give you a subtle finish. Remember: always clean the brushes in warm water so you will avoid bacteria. Also, remember that less is more and apply makeup where you need it, don’t exaggerate. Do it for yourself, not for others.


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