Make-up habits you could definitely live without


When searching for the word “beauty” on Google, Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, only make-up tutorials show up. The thing with that is, while
it may seem great that you have so much information and help right at your fingertips, beauty gurus are not necessarily teaching us the best techniques. After a few years of looking deep down into the beauty industry/community, I’ve gathered some knowledge in the field of make-up, enough to know what works for real-life, face-to-face make-up and what’s better for pictorials, shootings, being on camera.
Avoid these trends right here if you’re trying to avoid a cakey, unpleasantly looking face:

1.Heavy colour correction

We may have all seen influencers applying red lipstick on their under eye bags. However, that’s so unnecessary! To cancel out the blue/green tones in your circles or discolouration patches you need to find a colour that’s opposite to it on the colour wheel. For most fair-skinned people, a peach colour corrector would be just fine, as that’s a mix of both red and orange (opposites to green and blue on the colour wheel). For deeper skin tones, brighter shades of orange may do well.

2.Painting foundation onto your face

You don’t need 6-7 pumps of foundation for an average-sized face. Professionals recommend using a small amount of foundation, and blending it right into your skin. If that doesn’t work with you, only using concealer (for spot-concealing) is a great alternative.

3.Cream contouring

Cream contouring does no good! It moves your base, it could look patchy and unblended, no matter how much you try making it work. Yes, harsh contouring lines look great on camera, but rather muddy and not-so-pretty in person. Try using a bronzer to warm up and slightly define your face.


To me, baking is the most annoying make-up trend. It started from baking your under eyes, to baking your contour, now to baking your eyebrows! It’s crazy! I can guarantee you don’t need that much powder. But if you find your skin on the oily side, I’d advise you to adapt your skincare routine, as the powder will only fix that matter for a few hours. Additionally, only lightly setting your face makes your base make-up actually easier to fix throughout the day.

5.Setting your face with setting spray

What setting sprays do is create a barrier between your make-up and external factors. Though, if your skin is oily, what breaks your make-up down is your own oils, not pollution, so a setting spray does nothing to help you. A professional make-up artist and youtuber, Robert Welsh, developed a technique that consists of using a setting spray before your foundation, not at the end of your make-up routine so that oils don’t interfere with your foundation.
So if your skin is not oily, a setting spray may not do much for you. But if you’re using it to melt your powder into your foundation, a face mist may do a better job for you.

Other make-up tips that may help:

  • Using primer is optional: if your face is clean and well-moisturised, there’s no need to prime. Also, avoid using silicone primers as they tend to clog your pores really badly. While they may make your make-up look flawless, they’re so much worse for your skin long-term.
  • Don’t highlight the areas that you see are being highlighted by influencers on their particular faces, everyone’s unique, you can’t have the same face shape as James Charles does, can you? This also applies for blush, bronzing, etc. For example, for a round face, putting blush on the apples of your cheeks only makes it look rounder.
  • Avoid applying matte liquid lipstick on your whole lip, that could look crusty if your lips aren’t well exfoliated and moisturised, or really washed out if you don’t use a lip liner and lip gloss too.
  • Only use brow powders if your eyebrows are sparse and you’re looking for more dimension. If they’re full and thick, a powder may make them look blocky.

Keep in mind, these pieces of advice may not work for everyone. Make-up is all about experimenting and finding what’s best for you.


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