Macedonia: The Balkan’s captivating travel destination

The Balkan's captivating travel destination: Macedonia

North Macedonia is a hidden treasure, concealed behind its mountain ranges. My beloved homeland is often overlooked by tourists. This is because many of them don’t think of Macedonia as a famous travel destination. Thus, I have chosen 7 spots that will certainly draw your attention. 

Matka Canyon 


Matka is indeed the oldest artificial lake in the countryThe canyon has a big variety of endemic plants and is home to many animals such as the horned viperAbove all, Matka has dozens of caves, one of the most famous being the Vrelo cave. Due to the proximity to the capital, the canyon has visitors throughout the whole year. People visit this place especially because of the opportunity to go kayaking.


Macedonia: The Balkan's captivating travel destination

Pelister is the highest peak of Baba mountain. Its literal translation is Grandma mountain. The peak is famous for its incredible richness of flora and fauna. Consequently, in 1948 the government declared it a national park. Moreover, Pelister is mostly popular for ittwo glacial lakes. Locals have given them the name the eyes of Pelister. 

Heraclea Lyncestis 


Heraclea used to be an ancient city in the Kingdom of Macedonia. The city’s creator was King Phillip II. Rumor has it that the King named it after Heracles. Its ruins have become a national treasure and a prominent reminder of the country’s history. The most famous construction of the archeological site is the theater built in Roman style. 



The next charming travel destination is Trpejca. This small resort is a coastal village on Lake OhridNatives often call it the Macedonian Saint-Tropez. Thus, it has become a popular tourist destination during summer. The main attraction are of course the outstanding beaches isolated from the city’s hustle and bustle. 

St. John the Theologian 

Macedonia: The Balkan's captivating travel destination

One of the country’s greatest treasures is the orthodox church St. John Theologian or known as Kaneo. Built in the distant 13th century, the church was constructed in the honor of John of Patmos (believed to be John the Apostle). However, what makes the church particularly appealing is its location on a cliff overlooking Lake Ohrid.


Macedonia: The Balkan's captivating travel destination

The country’s proud holder of the title World Heritage Sitis located as well on Lake OhridIts cultural history and natural beauty are what make it worthy of UNESCO’s protection. The city is also famous as the Jerusalem of the Balkans. Besides its gorgeous beachesOhrid has an equally important religious background. 

Sadly, the pandemic has put our travel plans on hold for a while. However, Macedonia can still be the next travel destination on your bucket list. Once we get the green light to travel again, my sunny homeland will be waiting for you. Above all, I would be more than happy to be your guide! 


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