Lovely holidays gifts ideas for family and friends


Let’s be honest: 2020 has been one of the toughest and most overwhelming years in decades. We are all still trying to recover from the all the unpleasant events and changes that have taken place. However, there is only one month left until the winter holidays. This means that we have the opportunity to replace all these bad vibes with happiness and gratitude. And how could we do this? The answer is: by getting lovely gifts for our families and friends and by having extraordinary holidays.

It has been a difficult year for many of us financially. Anyway, we must not forget that Christmas is about giving. We can definitely find great gifts at decent prices for you friends even if this year’s holidays season will be different. Here are some that will pleasantly surprise your loved ones:

1. Bed linen

Winter has come and our life is reduced to staying at home again. Everyone has created a place in their houses and bedrooms where they can feel good and safe. You will surely succeed with a beautiful, warm and comfy bed linen. I personally found many nice home accessories such as cozy blankets or  fluffy cushions on a Romanian site, Bonami.


2. Wine glasses

I think that this gift is actually a wish of mine. Ever since I moved into the new apartment I live in, I haven’t been able to buy a set of wine glasses. It is frustrating when you have friends coming over and you have to serve them with 5 different glasses that you have in your house. So, I think a set of wine glasses would be an ideal gift, not just for me. You can find them both in supermarkets and on home deco sites, such as the one presented above.


3. Lamp

For me, the light in the house is very important. It influences my mood and energy. I recently bought a lamp in my room and the light bulb’s colour and intensity I chose is great. It calms me down and makes me more chill. You can buy a lamp from any home deco store. I ordered mine from the Homedeco website and it is very high quality.


As I said above, Christmas is about giving and being together. You don’t have to overthink about the gifts, but it is the idea of offering and speding the holidays with your family and friends that matters. There is no more beautiful gift in the world than health, mutual love and appreciation.


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