“Love, Rosie” (2015) – True love, friendship and luck

true love, childhood and life

Based on the No.1 bestselling author Cecelia Ahern’s novel, “Where Rainbows End”, “Love, Rosie” is the story of two people, Rosie Dunne (Lily Collins) and Alex Stewart (Sam Claflin), they had a beautiful true friendship since childhood, told in the form of e-mails, text messages, and letters. They were clearly meant for each other. They both felt the same. But they never built up the courage to confess their true love. At their high school prom, they ask different persons to the dance and from this point on, their life went different ways. After hooking up goes wrong and bad luck strikes Rosie, she finds out the devastating news: SHE’S PREGNANT.

Besides that, Alex tells her that he received a scholarship at Harvard in Boston to continue his studies in medicine. Unfortunately for Rosie, she can’t go because she has to raise her child. Over the next several years, the 2 best friends still keep in touch, she raises her child by herself, and Alex gets married. They both have failed marriages, but, eventually, luck is on their side, and from best friends they turn into lovers too.

True Love

You may wonder how is that true love. Let me tell you: because Rosie loves and cares so much about Alex, she doesn’t want to stay in his way of accomplishing his dream and lets him go to Boston alone, telling him it won’t take too much until she will come too; also, she doesn’t want to upset him nor worry him, so she keeps her pregnancy a secret for the moment. Both of them applied for a scholarship in Boston and got accepted. Rosie got accepted at Boston College for hotel management and Alex for medicine at Harvard. But she also kept this a secret from Alex because she didn’t want to ruin his happiness and she couldn’t go anyway.

One of the many acts of true love shown in the movie is when Alex has to leave at the airport and gives Rosie a globe keychain as a gift and a way to always think about him. Every time she spins the globe from her room, it stops at Boston and makes her miss Alex. One of my favourite quotes showing true love in this movie is:

“Because I’ve realized that no matter where you are, or what you’re doing, or who you’re with, I will always, honestly, truly, completely love you”.

The chemistry of the two

One of the best things about the movie is the kind of winsome, easy charm they share together. Their chemistry in the film is so palpable. It’s not hard to believe they have been best friends for their whole life. Together they make it easy for the audience to get so engaged in the characters. The audience can feel the pain and happiness along with the characters as they experience it. The performances of both Collins and Claflin are great, and they do an awesome job bringing the characters to life.

Book to movie adaptation

It may not have been the best book to movie adaptation, but it wasn’t the worst either. In the book, there are a few differences that may be missing in the movie. In the book, for example, Rosie and Alex’s siblings are different, and both of the characters have a very sweet and loving relationship with them. Throughout the book, their siblings kind of help them in taking the choices that they make. When Alex and Rosie decide that they want to be together at the end of the movie, they’re in their 30s. In the book, they are both much older. I liked the fact that in the movie they’re not very old when they end up together. In the book both of them waste so much more of their time.

Overall, even though it may not be a 10/10 romantic movie, it is a heartfelt rom-com. It shows the ups and downs of real-life and it can change our plans real fast. Here’s the trailer if you wanna check it out:

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