Living for the likes

chasing likes

You post that picture and wait, your heart is racing. Glued to your phone, you sit there, waiting to see who is going to notice you. You may also be a participant in the so called “Chasing after likes” race.

Also, you want to see who cares.

But, in actuality, most people won’t think that you are all that special, just by looking at your picture. People press “like” mechanically, without putting their hearts into it. Sure, there are exceptions, but out of the 100 likes that your post might have received, maybe just a couple of them are pressed intentionally.

Excessive posting becomes a source of insecurities

I am telling you this from experience, because I have periods in which I feel urged to post every other day. Pictures illustrate us, but they are not the real us. Let’s be honest, we might have a good day and snap a wonderful picture of ourselves, but look completely different from the way we do on a daily basis. Because during a regular day, we can’t always look flawless, have good weather on our side. We can’t be in a special location, find the perfect lighting or be happy every day.

This is what a photograph can capture, but you only look like that for ten seconds, not for the rest of your life and we post those photos because that is the way we want to be seen by the world. Because that’s what we want to cross their minds when they think of us. I don’t know about you, but in the vast majority of time, I look like Grumpy Cat. No, I am not upset, sad or angry!!! That’s just my face!

We post so much because we want to see what others think about us. We all have this idea ingrained in our subconscious minds.

So we sit there, phone in hand, grinding our minds just to see how many likes we’ll get, not to mention comments and other useless stuff. Maybe you’ll find this silly, but I had a friend in middle school and things would go like this: she would stop reacting to my pictures and I would figure out that she was upset with me. There is such a lack of communication.

That is the worst thing that could happen to you on social media – to find out how someone feels about you from Facebook.

It’s just wrong. Start talking to each other, that’s why we have a goddamned voice! Otherwise, we would have been born with two sets of hands, so we could type more. Long story short – fortunately, I am not friends with that person anymore, but I might mention her in some other silly stories. She’s an interesting human.

As I mentioned before, it’s destructive to believe that each like you get was given in a conscious manner.

Or that each “I love you” comment is real. I’m gonna say this again, there are for sure people who love you and mean every word they say. How can you tell the difference? You already know who means it, you don’t need Instagram or Facebook to tell you that.

On the internet, we create the image we desire to have.

It’s easier to hide behind a screen and pretend to be the person you don’t have the courage to start becoming in real life.


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