Live the moment, leave the phone! – Less time on your electronic devices

Have you ever had that annoying conversation with your parents where they say “When I was your age…”? Well, who didn’t? Didn’t we all? And, if you think of it, there aren’t many differences between our youth and our parents’, but there’s this key difference that changes it all: the existence of electronic devices around the corner.
If I think of what my parents told me, they lived their lives to the fullest more than I do right now, apart from the existence of the pandemic. Even before, I think that I lived a sedentary lifestyle and I didn’t do much. They told me about the places they traveled to and the cool memories they made. Honestly, I wish that for myself as well. But what stops me and what makes most of people my age and me be so sedentary? Well, this key difference: electronic devices.
Today I will tell you how to cut off the time you spend on them and how to change your life for the better.

Scheduling your electronics time

As we all know, it’s not really possible to cut off a well implemented habit just like that. In order for the change to be long lasting, you should take baby steps. Baby steps are still steps! For example, set a limit. One week, choose not to spend more than, let’s say, two hours a week on your phone (aside from classes, obviously). Not only will this increase your chance in dropping this dangerous habit, but it will make you happier and more accomplished as well. I mean, doesn’t our phone eat up most of our free time? As saddening as it is, this is the case for me. But with the right amount of auto-control and a schedule to abide by, you will be a brand new person.

The importance of “building” an electronics-free zone

I think you agree on the fact that we spend a lot of time on our phones because they’re always near us. We keep our phones next to our bed and they are within a touch. Well, how about trying putting them aside? And try engaging in activities that take off your mind from your phone. Normally, I’d say talking to your friends and schedule a nice citybreak, but that’s not possible during a pandemic. So what should you do? There are lots of things you can do indoors, such as reading a book, baking a cake or spending some time with your family, if you live with them. And by finding something you genuinely like, you will reduce the time spent on social media and you will focus on your new hobby.
Even though the pandemic has limited us regarding our activities and how we spend our leisure time, I think it’s safe to say that there are still some things left to do and that our lives aren’t over.

I hope that this pandemic has taught all of us to treasure the moments we spend with our loved ones and to put down our devices from time to time. You will live your life to the fullest and everything will be a lot better.
Live the moment, leave the phone!


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