Live behind a screen


Hey! Are you reading this right now? I can’t guess exactly where you are, but I can guess you’re in front of a screen, multicolor and bright, for more than a few minutes, maybe hours. Technology, the most modern way to progress, isn’t it?

What is technology?

We look around us, on street, 4-5 tablets, riding a bike with headphones on, if we eat something, we take a photo.
What is this?
We are not robots, we can walk, we can talk, we are okay, why do we isolate in our rooms looking at this white bright light? In the past years, everything has become more efficient… but sadder, I don’t see kids playing around, teenagers going out without smartphones. Is this real?

What is the world?

You have a life, go out, meet someone new, explore, visit, you can’t touch Instagram photos, but they can disappear so easily, I mean, you can have nothing in the end. Music doesn’t come out of your mouth, you feel different when you talk with somebody face to face. I know you have courage when you chat online. I don’t say it doesn’t help us, because it does, but it also covers real life.
Just go out, laugh, live, you don’t have enough time for spending it in front of a screen. Sing, learn, be yourself. I know it may sound scaring but this is the real world: frightening, but wonderful.

`Explore the whole world, not just with your eyes, but with your body too`

Author: Camelia Burnari


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