“Life isn’t about surviving” – Cristian Stan


We are the ones who don’t stop evolving, the ones who cross the street with their phones in their hand, the ones who believe that life is all about surviving. Lately, we have influencers who can convince you in a maximum of five minutes that there is no better cream than the one they present to you and certainly they don’t have a sponsorship to talk you into buying the product. I’m not into influencers, on the contrary, I really abstain from rolling my eyes or from saying something less than pleasant when I hear that word.

Influencers aren’t the ones who present to you a thing that they didn’t even buy and that they didn’t really test so they can give real feedback. Influencers are those people who use their time and energy in order to do something for real. They change the wrong mindsets, even if it’s just for a few people.

We’re sick of people who do things only for fame and money. We want people who say real things. Life isn’t about surviving! Keep that in mind!

Yes, I know some who would really open your eyes.

While I was scrolling Instagram, I found this nice man. I saw him by chance and I watched him until I noticed that he truly does cool things. Maybe you know him, but if you don’t, it would be a good opportunity to know him. His name is Stan George-Cristian, @cristianstan on Instagram. He liked the idea of fairness and justice so he finished Law School in Bucharest. He is a big fan of the idea of personal development, but, for some time he focused more on the development of emotional intelligence. In his words, he says that once you understand what you feel, why and how, you can take control of your life. You can then start development on all your plans.

His content is based on motivation. Somehow, he finds a source of motivation that he shares with everybody. He is the man who explains to you real events, in videos, stories. And I was pleasantly surprised when, after he answered me in less than 5 minutes, friendly and with a vibe that gives you energy, he agreed to give me an interview as eccentric as his posts. I mean, for real, just look at this:

“At this moment, I have a great community of people who believe in the things I say, reaching 74.000 people online. Everything I write or say comes from personal experiences, taken from events I’ve been through, or from the materials which I test and apply in my life. I wish that the high point of my career would look like a school that leaves for newer generations essential things for a career and a life like the one in childhood dreams.”

Where has this initiative started?

“It all started from the fear of being alone, feeling that, on my own, I’m not good enough to reach my goals. For a long time, I lived with the illusion that others can do for me more things than I can do alone, so I always felt like I needed someone constantly in my life. Trying to create this wall of safety around me, I realized, in the end, that I  was actually building a wall behind which I was blocking myself. Trying to be safe, I wasn’t letting me prove to myself that I can do whatever I want without expecting the need for waiting for solutions from outside.”

How did the people react at the beginning, when your posts weren’t just pictures anymore?

“Like anything that is out of “normality” or “expectation”, we feel the need to protect ourselves in different ways. In my case, it was all about the non-confidence in the projects I was starting. The changes in my life were sudden, I started to do the usual things differently, maybe even totally opposite. At first, I was ignored, then ridiculed, and in the end, appreciated. It’s a normal road which everyone who is trying to make a change not really popular will take. For me it was about waking up at 6 AM, then an hour and a half at the gym, continuing with another hour of reading a course or a personal development book. Everything I did was created in visible light, posting everything I did on Snapchat and Facebook initially, then on Instagram, letting everyone look and criticize (inevitably)”

What does your family think about this project?

“They didn’t like especially the visibility I was working with, encouraging me to do these things privately. But I felt that I can help more friends with what I do, I wanted to encourage them using the power of example.

How do you see your project in the future?

“I want to move things more offline, to meet many more people, to get to know their stories. Each one of us comes on this Earth with a reason and a message. We can show the reason for the things we do, and the message will speak for us when the things we do will be done. I like to imagine that, when I will not be here anymore, a big part of the ones who will remain will see everything I’m trying to do now, not as a solution for improving the society that we’re living in, but as normality we surround ourselves with.”

Do you make content on YouTube? How is it like to be in front, as well as behind the camera?

“It’s a process that I fell in love with. The YouTube part is still in the initial phase, I still make mistakes and I still learn from them. I think this is my favorite part, the one in which I don’t know what to do. I love every part of it, the one in which I compose the materials and the one of speaking in front of the camera and editing.”

Where does all this motivation come from?

“I’m motivated by the simple fact that I can do this. It’s like you leaving me in a candy store and telling me that I can do whatever I want. All I would do is eat candy. This happens when you find your passion and you follow it. Things that seem impossible to do will be your second nature. It’s really my message and reason. What I do now is simply online content. Instagram, YouTube, Facebook are just tools for me. I was never interested and I will never be interested in the fame and the other things that come with that. Just give me the chance to do what I like and I will be eternally grateful.”

When you are down, how do you raise back up to your feet?

“Feelings are temporary. I never rush to get back up if I feel that it isn’t the moment to do this. I am aware that I won’t be in a good or bad state all my life. It will always be in a mix between the two, so both are important because I know that both states will teach me something. As long as I’m open to learning, I am open to feeling.”

Did you ever have moments when you wanted to give up on the project?

“The beginning was the hardest. Because, initially, I didn’t believe in the power I can have, that I can be more than some transmitted thoughts. I didn’t see more than what was happening at that moment. So I wasn’t ready to invest so much time, energy and effort. But I saw what I can do, the change I can bring about. Step by step, I became one with the project. I reached the conclusion that I wasn’t building something, rather I was building myself. I was the project. So if I gave up on it, I was giving up on me.”

What do you do with your life when you aren’t online?

“From a professional point of view, I study. When I am not a notary, I read or I play FIFA. I do sports, I go out with my friends, I live every moment as well as I can. But if I’m not online, it doesn’t mean that I don’t think about the online field.”

This year is almost over (2019), what would you want to do in these last weeks?

“All I want is to keep this trend vertical. I am happy when I see how my community grows every day, I like to know that the ideas attract and are shared with the loved ones. I am a guy who constantly watches the numbers, the statistics. Plans and strategies are a must for me. So now I’m working on the type of content with which I’ll start the new year and, at the same time, I’m trying to see how can I grow more on YouTube.”

What do you think about the Z generation and what advice do you have for them?

“Don’t do things just to be done with them. Don’t always look for someone and don’t give up on yourselves for others, because you are the only person that will stand by you. When it’s good, when it’s hard, for the rest of your life. Life isn’t about surviving!”

Life, what an adventure isn’t it? If you want to know more about life and how can you change it, we recommend you  this article!


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