Let’s talk about snakes

talk about snakes
talk about snakes

You know what I’m talking about – THOSE people. There’s no need for introductions. You will see them during your whole life, but I think the first time you become aware of their existence is during 9th grade. That’s when it happened for me. That’s when they hatch. Let’s talk about snakes!

It’s horrible to believe that you have a friend. Only to realise afterwards that you were so naive.

To spend a few years alongside that person, to share every dream, as well as fears and secrets alike and then, watch them leave, taking everything with them in the process. These people, those who quickly change friends like underwear are those who are bored easily. They’re unsure, they can’t find their place. They change their principles and behaviour like the wind.

Don’t misinterpret my words – it’s OK not to tolerate some people.

Everyone has their own tastes and they shouldn’t be judged by those who are near them. But it isn’t normal to be fake and lie to people’s face. People who’d do anything for you and you still end up bullying them.

And one more thing – do you want to end a friendship? Then, do it with dignity. Go and speak with that person.

Tell them what you don’t tolerate. Make them understand what you don’t like. Don’t go running to others, spreading misinformation, because it’s wrong to do so. And because they might find out – you know how easy words spread – and then you’ll look like clowns. Communicate!! Don’t let people, with whom you’ve shared so many memories, deduce that you’re mad through stupid actions – you may not greet them, you may not comment on their picture anymore, or even leave a cold reply. We don’t live in a detective show, so we don’t need to gather clues. If you want to do something, do it the right way.

I’ve been through this, I’ve known snakes. Snakes. Sssssss

I will tell you from personal experience that, if some things would have been shared and discussed, maybe that friendship could have been saved. Because there were a lot of lies involved, many persons that didn’t belong there, many irritating situations. And, even if we didn’t save the friendship, we could have at least said STOP when we should have. But that didn’t happen, and after four years of memories, everything left was just a bitter taste. And this human, the one that leaves you in the mud, doesn’t just leave without taking anything – at first, they seem to be stealing everything. They take some people as well, too. But, believe me, it’s for the better, because those who are so easily influenced are toxic.

It’s painful to be in this situation, but you must learn to be indifferent.

The opposite of love isn’t hate – hate makes you consume your anger, to create some feelings that blacken you. The opposite of love is indifference. You can’t do it at first, but you can’t consume yourself forever. At the end of the day, all that matters is if you’ve made peace with yourself. If you can’t do any good, at least stop right there where you are and don’t do bad.

Life skill – if you feel like a third wheel, leave.

Don’t stay in a group where you feel like you’re excluded or ignored. Not only you make others uncomfortable, but you’re not feeling good, either. If you hear hissing too often, run, you’ve been living among snakes!

Snakes hang out in large packs. They laugh about others, point fingers and perceive themselves as badasses. Of course, they speak ill of one from the same group and actually don’t like the same people they hang out with.

Now we had our talk about snakes. Remember that they are not friends, but they’re filled with so much hate, that they have to stick together, so as to not explode. These friends don’t share secrets, because they don’t trust one another. They rarely talk, usually if they have something nasty to say. Generally, they stay on the phone and laugh like idiots, to attract attention. Their only goal is to step into the spotlight. And, let’s not forget that they perceive themselves as very important people, but they literally have no reason to claim that title. You’ve definitely seen them. They always hiss.

Author: Maria Ciurea


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