Let’s play a game called Reality!

Let’s play a game called Reality!
Let’s play a game called Reality!

I have a plan, a brilliant idea. Do you want to find out? To start, I’m a kid, a big one. Though, I fricking love playing. Yes, playing. But for some time I had no one to play with anymore. Why? Because everybody lost themselves somewhere. I have no idea where. Let’s play a game called Reality! The rules are simple. I mean, they don’t even exist.  You just need a lucid mind and a little imagination.

We love the artificial to the detriment of truthfulness.

I haven’t been here for a long time. But I realized that I am the protagonist of an age in which we choose to give up on our own identity in order to please others.  In which the material exceeds the soul.

In which normality is seen as an abnormality. We are in a crazy rush towards SUCCES,  forgetting about the beauty of life. Are we aware of what it means to be really successful? We’re looking to reveal to the world an appearance that even we don’t believe. We appreciate the diplomas to the disadvantage of knowledge.

We judge without knowing and it’s easier to hate than to love. On the other hand, if we’d love each other more, wouldn’t we realize more? Am I really a third wheel? Do I have a flaw?

We’ve become a society in which no one is appreciated for naturalness

We want PLASTIC and we are promoting artificial beauties, photoshopped. Everyone prefers fake perfections, that make us equal, instead of imperfections that make us unique. People want to fit patterns and want to be models.  Everyone wants masks. Why? Because they’ve heard/seen examples that are successful in this way. Because we are living in a world where lying helps more than telling the truth. Fakeness is the top dog. What about what’s real?

We see girls with more ex-boyfriends than years of living. Boys with fancy cars, that obviously, belong to parents.

It’s clear, so far we have rushed to grow. We want adult lives, but with kid problems. And when we grow, will we really live a baby life, with adult heaviness? We want to live in opulence just to seem that we are happy. But are we? We are buying designer clothes to show that we have money, that we’re doing fine.

But how fine is doing our soul?

We eat at a restaurant because “we afford it”. Although we forgot to visit our grandparents, who are waiting for us with the table full of goodies. And the ones around us will say that we are the most successful people that they know. But they omit the unhappiness in our eyes.  The sleepless nights of parents that are crying for their child. The suffering of a baby raised by grandparents/babysitters. The sadness behind fake smiles. Everyone sees and thinks about what they want. They don’t care about reality. Actually, what reality? Mine or theirs?

We believe in success, but we don’t know success means.

We judge failure like we are the virtual judges of each other’s lives. How would it be if we would arbitrate our own failures? Maybe we will learn something useful. We are materialistic to the core. We want benefits with minimum effort. My favorite retort is ”He has a good job where he earns well and he doesn’t do much.”

Obviously, he is a happy human who lacks nothing. However, the interlocutor doesn’t notice that that human doesn’t have a person by his side, a soulmate.  Or maybe they have, but they can’t have kids. Maybe they’re with the wrong person. Or maybe they regret that they chose that job because it keeps them away from their family.

They see only the material aspect, that they consider an achievement. They choose to appreciate a human for their money, not for their happiness.  After all, what’s the point of all the money that you own if you are the least happy person? You’ll still die alone and poor. A happy life doesn’t mean owning 10 fancy cars, 10 vacation homes, and as many partners.

It seems like everyone is seeking success, a word which is a bit vague. If you want to know more about how to achieve it, then you should check this article!

Since when has knowledge been measured in pieces of paper?

We say about a human who owns degrees that they’re smart. We appreciate them for the effort and envy their success. Don’t we have something better to judge? No schools make you human, the character does it, but we seem to forget that. Being crushed by someone who has 10 certificates bought with money is something we seem to enjoy. It seems like we are ashamed of ours for which we worked for years. I think we lose trust in our own forces because someone apparently better shows up. Are they better or is it just an impression?

Why do we discourage workers? We see success in professions such as doctors, lawyers, engineers. We underestimate the electricians, welders, mechanics.

As if when the beast of a car is damaged we take it to the doctor, and when we are in the dark we call the lawyer. Though, whom do we contact when we are in the darkness of mind? All of us want to go to college. It doesn’t matter if we are smart or not, we do it.

We decide to try something that we are not capable of. And then we cry because of failure. Or maybe it’s better to denigrate those who fail, isn’t it?

We judge, but we don’t like being judged.

When a person doesn’t fit with the trend, we say that they’re crazy. We bawl eyes when an old man speaks to us in the tram.  Have we forgotten that humans are social creatures?  We stay trapped in phones, ignoring reality…the new reality is online.

What a paradox, don’t you think? We ask more than we can give. We talk without knowing.

Maybe we would do more if we would deal with our own existence. What do you say? Selfishness is our superior quality. Yey! We’ve suppressed the human quality. Big accomplishment… Plain and simple, we forget to be human. Everything is about “me”.

“Why should others be an issue for me? I’m the one who should be happy…”

Have we really fallen so bad as a species…?


I think I’ve confused you a little. I hope you didn’t get scared. Real-life is one thing. Let’s live it! Drop the pretense! Get out of the trivial! Rediscover yourself! Laugh! Laugh, even if it is hard. Love life just like it is. Anyway, you only have one. Love honestly. Fall in love with nature.

Start being you! Be human! Show how unique you are in this standardized world! Live before you die!

Have I forgotten to tell you? Let’s play a game called Reality! This game doesn’t have a Finish. Or maybe it has, but I don’t know when.

Author: Georgiana Raluca Crainic


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