Lesser-known wonders of the World

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There’s no doubt that our planet is embellished by some fascinating locations. Along the years, people got the chance to experience these masterpieces but among them, there seem to be some that just didn’t catch the attention of the public as much as the others. In this article, I would like to shine some light on the lesser-known wonders of our planet.


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Being situated in Ireland, Newgrange is a prehistoric passage tomb that was built during the Neolithic age. It surpasses in age even the world-known Stonehenge as well as the Pyramids from Egypt. After the place was examined, the presence of grave goods and also gifts offered to the deities which are called “votive offerings” was discovered. Among these, the bones of the beings that were buried there were also present.

In Irish mythology, Newgrange is considered to be the location where the deities Dagda, the god of fertility and Aengus, his son, were dwelling.

The purpose of the Newgrange is still being debated. Some archaeologists believe that it was built to venerate a cult of the dead. Others think that the structure was supposed to capture the sun’s light, during Winter Solstice. The second theory is backed up by the fact that the sun directly shines inside the chamber when Winter Solstice occurs.

Göbekli Tepe

Also known as “The Potbelly Hill

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Located in Anatolia, Turkey, Göbekli Tepe is an archaeological site that belongs to the earliest Neolithic. The world’s oldest and largest known pre-historic stones are present at this site. They are known as the “megaliths” and they were erected in the shape of the letter T and put into circles.

On some of the pillars present on the site, the work of the Neolithic sculptors can be found. For example, there can be seen sculptures of the vulture, crane, fox, bull. There was also discovered a statue of a wild boar and a high relief sculpture of a predatory creature ready to attack its prey.

Scientists have yet to uncover the meaning behind those relief sculptures. They believe that they were sculpted in order to ward off evil, or that they served as totems.

The Cave of Crystals

Originally called “Cueva de los cristales”

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Situated in Naiha, Mexico, The Cave of Crystals is a gigantic cavern that holds the largest natural crystals in the world.

Scientists believe that the cave’s crystals have formed after the underground magma heated the groundwater, which made contact with the surface water. The two types of water didn’t mix because of their densities. The oxygen present in the surface water created anhydrides. And in the end, those minerals dissolved into gypsum crystals after the temperature dropped below 56 degrees Celsius.

Unfortunately, it is quite difficult to explore the cave because of its hot temperature that can reach 60 degrees Celsius. Without the proper equipment, a human being would only survive for about 10 minutes inside the cave. Therefore, speleologists explored the location with special gear such as refrigerated suits and cold breathing systems.

The Carnac Stones

Lesser-known wonders of the World
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They are an enormous collection of megalithic locations that can be found in Brittany, France. The collection consists of stone alignments, tombs that are known as “dolmens”, burial mounds called “tumuli” and some standing stones otherwise known as “menhirs”.

A Christian myth claims that the stones are linked with the pagan soldiers that tried to track down Pope Cornelius. Because it was believed that Cornelius was able to petrify them all. But a local myth argues that the stones are the Roman legion that was turned to stone by the great wizard Merlin. And so, their perfect positioning in straight lines is explained.

Unfortunately, people keep neglecting these lesser-known wonders by using them as sheep shelters or chicken sheds. They even removed some of them in order to free space for the upcoming roads. And so, the current management of the Carnac Stones remains rather disputable.

As you see, our world contains some captivating marvels that make us want to know more about what happened on our planet in the distant past. I hope that I’ve sparked your interest in these lesser-known wonders of our world in this brief presentation. Who knows, maybe you’ll get the chance to visit them someday.


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