Learning languages: 3 amazing YouTube channels


Learning a language has become more enjoyable and fun due to the internet. We have access to all sorts of online tools that help us improve our target languages, and many of them are free, convenient, and really effective. One such tool is YouTube, which brings together incredible language-learning channels, 3 of which I will present below.

1. Innovative Language Learning

Innovative Language Learning encompasses a wide range of digital tools for learning languages, from websites to mobile apps. On YouTube, Innovative Language Learning groups several language channels, each of them being specialized in teaching a certain language: Learn Swedish with SwedishPod101.com, Learn Hungarian with HungarianPod101.com, and so on. Their pod101 family has 31 members, so you have plenty of languages to choose from!

These YouTube channels are perfect for all foreign-language learners, regardless of their level. The content they create varies from absolute beginner to advanced, covering grammar, vocabulary, listening, and reading. So, this is a perfect place to start your language journey! Don’t forget to check their website for more language resources!

2. Easy languages

Just like the previous channel, Easy Languages reaches several language channels under its umbrella, each operating separately but in a similar way. I find this project particularly useful for getting familiar with the natural way of speaking a language, through the street interviews on specific topics they take to native speakers. But they have more interesting and fun content. Extremely useful is that they have subtitles in both the local language and English, so you don’t have to worry about not understanding everything only by listening. Besides, not only will you improve your language level, but the conversations with natives will give you an insight into the culture of your target language.

Easy Polish and Easy French were the channels that have probably helped me the most improve my French and Polish listening skills and vocabulary. However, if you are an absolute beginner or someone who has just started learning a language, you may find this channel a bit too complicated. Yet I encourage you to watch their videos from time to time, even if you don’t understand almost anything. It’s an effective way to train your ears into how the language sounds when spoken by random native speakers.

3. Ouino languages

Although this channel focuses on only 4 languages (more exactly, French, German, Spanish, and Italian), it is an amazing online tool you can use if interested in any of them. Ouino languages provide grammar explanations, easily delivered for beginners in English, dialogues between native speakers on specific topics, useful vocabulary lessons, or 1-hour conversation for beginners.

What’s extremely helpful is that everything is pronounced at a natural pace, then repeated slower so that learners can hear and understand each sound. Though their learning offer is way more varied and complete on their app, I think the YouTube channel is a suitable language-learning method and really informative especially for beginners. More about them here. 


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