Learning history is not only an important asset, but an enjoyable hobby too!

You’ve read that right! History?! Enjoyable?! How?! History seems…pretty monotonous, right? So many dates, so many years to count…it sounds so repetitive and boring! I dare to say, my fellow readers, history is anything but boring. Is it hard? Oh, sweet macaroons, I shall quote from “Phineas and Ferb”: Yes. Yes, it is. But a hard subject doesn’t always equal a dull subject. Let me tell you my opinion about history being an essential and enjoyable hobby! History, in fact, can be a great source for memes!


I cannot count on my fingers how many strange, even “memeable” events went down in history. Let me give you some examples. Back in 1308, Edward II of England married Isabella of France, who was 12 at the time (big yikes). However, at their wedding, our cheeky boy, Edward, shocked everyone when he kissed a guy named Piers Gaveston, a court favorite (and possibly, his lover). Isabella could read on Edward’s lips his opinion about that marriage. Should I also tell you about the “butt”, a medieval unit for measuring wine? A buttload was about 475 litres, BUTT that’s not all! During WW2, Juliana, a very good doggo, extinguished a bomb by peeing on it. The canine hero was awarded the “Blue Cross Medal” in 1941 for the PEEnomenal act! So far, these little historical stories seem pretty interesting, right?



Sweet baby Jesus, I’ve met so many individuals who are convinced that history is pretty much useless! Nobody forces you to study history in detail, but knowing the most important events is a must. Why? The answer is simple: history has a nasty habit of repeating itself when people don’t educate themselves. The most well known and simple example is communism. I was born in a post-socialistic country, 20 years after communism ended. And its consequences are still present. A lot of people are either nostalgic about “the good old times” or think that communism represents equality, freedom, and peace. The majority were either brain-washed or ignorant. Communism was the complete opposite. Because of it, many countries were ruled under a crazy dictatorship, in poverty and terror. But nowadays communist supporters either don’t know or don’t care about history and “cold” conflicts arise.

Having a hobby that can educate you doesn’t sound bad, right? There is always a good part and a bad part in everything. Of course, you don’t have to learn and read everything (since is impossible, duh). However, educating yourself and learning about the mistakes of the past helps you open your eyes and become hard to manipulate. Also, pro tip: choose your learning sources wisely. Don’t be fooled by random Facebook or Reddit posts, always check your facts and pick a credited source. With that being said, I will let you judge this opinion about history as an enjoyable hobby. Have fun educating yourself and say “HI, STORY from the past!”


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