Law: a rookie’s useful incursion into Hayek’s philosophy

Law: how Hayek saw it


   Friedrich Hayek was an Austrian economist and philosopher who won the Nobel prize for the economy in 1974. Hayek is notorious for his paper called „The Road to Serfdomin which he talks about the “rule of law”.

     That is → as long as laws are made by competent people who know what they are doing and they have knowledge in that direction, there is no way that it is a bad one.

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    He also mentions the fact that the government is supposed to work only in order to make sure that the available resources are used in the quantity there are supposed to, but they (the government) are not to limit anyone’s freedom.

   The law is there to make sure that any individual can work around it in any way he wishes to.


   I find this to be quite flawed as there are a lot of examples of different people who have access to power and are allowed to make laws who are not competent even only because they don’t deserve the position they have in Parliament.

Law: a rookie's useful incursion into Hayek's philosophy

  It’s true, the rule Hayek talks about would work in a world where every single person who manages laws is not corrupt, but in the modern world, I believe this to be quite unattainable.


  And not only that we cannot be sure that everyone is fair, but how are just a handful of people take into consideration everything and everyone so surely and so good that it will never need retouching?

Law: a rookie's useful incursion into Hayek's philosophy

  There are a lot of times when they needed to be rewritten because they missed some points or because they didn’t take into consideration a minority or anything else

      – I’m not trying to say here that the people who make the laws are not qualified enough for their job, but there is always room for mistakes, right?

  Even having the supposed knowledge in a field, mistakes can be made.

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