Last time: significant reasons to make it count!


You never know when it’s your last time, so make it count! One day you’ll realize that you were not the problem. You have such a pure heart, such good intentions. You will wake up one day and see all of these things. They just didn’t know to handle all this love, they were scared of you. They were scared of this pure love you would have given them. But think about this: what if, this is your last time? The last time you let those people in your life? What if this is your last time when you care why the others can’t handle such a good heart?

But what if it’s the last time when you see them? The last time you are doing your favorite thing?  You are playing your favorite game? Maybe the last moment you see your friends or that special person in your life. Would you make it count? If you knew, it’s your last time at a concert, at school, when you talk to someone you love, would you?  We never actually think of that. We take everything for granted. The people, the events, the moments, the memories, our actions. We don’t think about the consequences. We don’t even realize that it may be the last time.


Only if I knew it was my last time in college, I would have made it count. My last day in college before the pandemic was awful. I had fights with my classmates, I told my best friends I hated her, I told my boyfriend that we will see each other soon, so we didn’t have to hang out then. You know, I thought I had time. But in reality, I didn’t. It’s been a year and I don’t feel like a student, I don’t even remember how it feels to be a real student in a real university. I lost both of them because I thought I had time enough to see them.

The thing I do regret in life is not living enough because “there is time”. No, there’s not. We are young, do what you want whenever you want. Go and live your best life, these years won’t come back. I didn’t live my student life but I really hope that one day, when it’s over, I will do all the things I wanted to do. I want to meet people, travel, to feel alive. My student life was short, only a few months. I was scared to go out, to explore. I did it in a small amount, but I thought I would still have time to do, so I didn’t rush things. Stop overthinking and go out there.

Go and have fun, spend more time with your friends and classmates. Don’t let these years go by without living them. Enjoy your days like it’s the last time. The last moment you’re at your favorite restaurant. The last you play your favorite game. Even the last moment you hang out with THAT person, or your friends, or your classmates. I left people and places without even saying goodbye. I thought that would be another time. Make every moment count. Love, forgive, and live!


It’s not your fault that someone decided one day to give up. Just like that, to give up on someone whose only intention was to love sincerely. They lost someone, you didn’t. You made room for the right people who will come into your life one day. They will fill your heart with the happiness you deserve and they will stay. Right people won’t leave.

It’s hard to see, but try to realize that. Let this be the last one and make it count. Learn that you deserve more. You deserve the same efforts, the same energy. If someone isn’t willing to give them to you, say goodbye. Say it with your mind and your heart. It’s your last time when you let someone influence you and make you doubt. Now go up there, and be the best version of yourself. Go find yourself, love people, give them your amazing energy, and don’t stop.

Don’t stop the time for people who don’t deserve it. Meet new people, make friends, be yourself, surround yourself with good people with the same good intentions as you, and look back. Because it was your last and you said goodbye. There’s a great future waiting for you, so why would you give up on this? Why would you remain stuck in a dead place? Make bad things, wrong places, wrong people, bad events, make them the last ones. And never come back. You can a look, to see how far you’ve come, but don’t come back and continue to evolve. Make every moment count!



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