Lady Diana, 1 important woman from history


If you had to bring a person from history back to life, who would you choose? I know this question seems strange, but think about it. If you were given the chance, to whom would you give a longer life?

After I gave some thought to the question, I was able to make my choice 

The person I would choose is Lady Diana, the former Princess of Wales. She died in a car crash in 1997. She was only 36 when she died and she still had a long life to live. I always admired Lady Diana and I can say she is one of my role models. She was and still is a famous woman from history and I think everyone heard of her at least once in their life.

Even though Diana became Prince Charles’s wife and therefore The Princess of Wales, she never once changed. From being a normal woman, Diana got to live an extravagant life at the palace. But let me tell you, being a princess is not that great and those wonderful stories from your childhood that talk about princesses are not always true.

The history is different

Apart from her marital problems, Diana  also struggled with bulimia and depression. Bulimia is an eating disorder and if it was someone else this disorder would have been kept private. However Lady Diana proved to be a different princess from history, as she wasn’t afraid to speak about her eating disorder in public. When hearing about the princess’s confession, people were inspired to admit that they have an eating disorder and therefore seek help. She understood the suffering of others because she was no stranger to difficulties herself.

Lady Diana did a lot of charity work throughout her life and she constantly tried to help those in need. For example, she was one of the few people who shook hands with HIV-positive patients without wearing gloves. This was a remarkable gesture from her and she managed to impress people from all over the world. In addition, even though she was a princess, after she gave birth to her two sons Harry and William, she constantly put her family before any royal duties.

She was an extremely admirable person who never failed to amaze the world through her actions. She quite literally changed the way princesses are perceived. After doing some research I found some interesting information about her. Did you know Lady Diana was the first-ever Royal to have a paid job? Or did you know that she once wrote thank- you letters to every person that gave her a present?

What can I say, Lady Diana was and I am sure still is loved by many

She showed us that no matter your position in society you can still be a humble and respectful person. Even if you are part of the royal family, you should never forget that there are people less fortunate than you. I am sure anyone can find a way to help those kinds of people.

So yes, if I had to choose to bring a person back to life it would have to be Lady Diana

She deserved to live longer and I am sure she would have changed a lot of things if the situation was different. And most importantly her children would have grown up with a mother. This world did not deserve a human being like Lady Diana and I will never stop looking up to her all throughout my life. In the short period while she was alive she was able to do the things that the queens and princesses before her were so afraid of doing.


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