Ladies, men have feelings too!


From an early age, we are told what we need to do, we are required to meet certain standards that we must achieve in order to have a “fulfilled” life, but sometimes I feel that the evil surrounding me is stronger than us, men. I feel that it’s too much, that it get my wings dirty with mud. Wings that once only dreamed of flying through this world in a pure way. Men have feelings too, you know?

I thought you didn’t have to step on others to be happy.

Am I to blame? Am I to blame because I think I’m different? Is there really a creator who created more worlds, and misplaced me into the wrong world?
If so, doesn’t he see that I do not fit? Wouldn’t it be better to just move me somewhere else?

The best quality a human can have is said to be the power to forgive someone who has wronged you. Doesn’t that make you vulnerable to others, to the men around you?
Why do people with good hearts suffer the most? Why are most loving people lonely? Is this the way of this world? Does everything that is good must die? Why can’t this world just be better? Why do I have to have such a good heart and forgive, forget about everything that happens to me?

Do you know what’s the best part about pouring your heart out to someone?

The betrayal and suffering that this causes you. Having a friend before I even remember my first bike lesson, I know, sounds like the script for a beautiful movie with a happy ending. Well, that didn’t really work out that way. This friend who becomes a bully might be the biggest betrayal a 10-year-old kid can suffer.
You treat him like a brother, and then he’ll end up terrorizing you day by day. To live with the fear of losing someone who already hates you and trying to “ruin your life”.
But yes, we are just children. What can we do?

Well, we can change the world.

We are at an age when we begin to discover the world around us, when we should love everything that exists. Instead, happiness and love have materialized into continuous hatred.
That’s how you end up stagnating between suicidal thoughts. The thought that if you did that, your family would be destroyed and you wouldn’t want that to happen in any way. The thing that helped me overcome many “attempts” was my mother. All men will love their mother.
And so 4 years of torment pass by, even when it is so depressing, at an age when you should not even think that there is such a feeling. You get to high school, where you barely get rid of “the greatest evil of your life”.
If you can’t manage to “sign up” in a circle from the first year of high school, you will end up bad all of those 4 years old, because you don’t have the alpha men near you.
Teachers go hard on you from the very beginning, because why not? “Not everyone has to finish high school”. You just got rid of the mental and sometimes even physical abuse, you need a little time to recover. To realize that not everything around you is bad and that life is worth living.
From what I understood, growing up means being monotonous.

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You should lose the childish attitude, you’re a grown man now!

You cannot waste your time with childish things and things that once made you so happy. Now you have come to do them in secret, fearing of not being judged by the others around you.
If that involves the process of growing up, then I want to stay a mere child.
An innocent child who can smile and do the things he wants, without thinking about what the others would say, without being judged by eyes that see themselves tens of meters above you.
Everyone considers you a fool or an idiot if you allow your inner child to control your actions.
Why should we always be serious when we just want to laugh and enjoy life as we like it? But what’s so wrong with the fact that we want to stay that way forever? It doesn’t look goo for you to laugh, you have an age, you have to treat things more seriously, so that men won’t laugh at you.
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How are humans really like?

You see them at birth as creatures with beautiful white wings, who are born pure, innocent, brave, who get to stain their wings every day that passes with mud and blood.
I see how the world around me is constantly trying to change me, to get my wings dirty. Why does it have to be so much evil in this world? Can’t we all just get along?
Let’s enjoy life, laugh and dance if we feel it. Let’s run away from the bad people in our lives and enjoy the purity of a man.
As a man, it’s hard to show the world that you care. Let someone see that you have a heart and that you too can get hurt, but let’s stop living with this mentality and let’s grow together.

Author: Chira Noris Calin


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