‘La Casa de Papel’: 4 amazing lessons that will stay engraved in our minds 

la casa de papel
Source: Photo by Tamara Arranz/Netflix https://slate.com/culture/2021/09/money-heist-netflix-season-5-review.html

The criminal masterpiece “La Casa de Papel” has turned millions of heads around the world. Since releasing the first part of the last season in early September, people have gone mad. Impatience is on the rise and the whole planet is looking forward to the great finale scheduled for December. But even though the Spanish TV show has reached its end, “Money Heist” will be kept alive in everyone’s memories through all the lessons it shared with the viewers. 

Mixing business and pleasure will only make things worse 

When personal and professional life gets intertwined, it can lead to certain catastrophes. Emotions can prevent you from thinking straight and make you prone to making more mistakes, in the case of “La Casa de Papel,” mistakes that can lead to losing your life. When it comes to business, decisions are best made when consulting your brain instead of your heart for the outcome not only to benefit others but you as well. 

You can never be too prepared 

It wouldn’t hurt you to have an alternative option you can rely on in case all hell breaks loose. In “La Casa de Papel” the Professor, the brains of the heist, is always ahead of everyone. Whenever one plan doesn’t work, he has another up his sleeve. Preparation is essential to achieving success and avoiding as much trouble as possible. Thinking smart and planning for the future is a strategy that will never fail you. 

Keep your friends close but your enemies closer  – Sun Tzu 

No one will force you into a friendship with people you don’t get along with, but it wouldn’t hurt to keep an eye on them. In an attempt to follow Tzu’s advice, the Professor gets close with his enemy, well… maybe even too close (for those who have seen the series know what I refer to). But before even trying to interact with his enemy, he manages to investigate thoroughly the enemy’s team (the police), their plans, strategies, strengths, and weaknesses which leads him to gain an unfair advantage and eventually winning the game. 

Things happen. Learn how to deal with them 

The famous Murphy’s law states: Anything that can go wrong, will go wrong. So, you better prepare yourself for any inconvenience life may throw in your direction. What’s worse it’s that you likely won’t get any warning. Failure can creep up on us in the most unexpected way possible, even in our most confident moments. But, hey. That’s just part of life. We will constantly get disrupted by problems and there will always be something we have to deal with. The protagonist of “La Casa de Papel” is repeatedly confronted with difficulties, but regardless of how complicated they may be, he has mastered the way on how to cope with them. 



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