Korean food: 9 amazing foods you should try!


It’s been a year since I discovered my obsession for Korean food and since the very first day, I simply fell in love. I am a person that eats spicy and hot food like I would eat some snacks, it is really like that! Let me show you a list of my favorite Korean food that you really should try as soon as you can: Seolleongtang, Kimchi, Japchae, Bibimbap, Sundubu Jjigae, Patbingsu, Kongguuksu, Jjajangmyeon, Soy Sauce Crab. Now that I captured your attention, would you give them a try?


It’s basically chili pickled cabbage and the version in Korean is .  This is something essential for any meal you find in Korea. The best one is the one made with napa cabbage fermented in red chili flakes. I love to eat rice with kimchi and honestly, I am very happy with this meal. It’s easy and I’m always in the mood for it. In Korea it costs something around $5.


This is their barbecue,  (고기구이) and they eat this meal at any traditional feast and it can be served with lettuce, chili pastes, peppers, garlic. One thing to remember about meals in Korea: you can’t order only one plate of meat, you have to order more plates of the same meat.


Or, in Korean, 삼겹살, which is pork strips, served with perilla leaves, lettuce, raw garlic, onions, kimchi, a mix of soybean and a chili paste, or salt and pepper in sesame oil. It’s basically pork strips with soju shots.


떡볶이 is more like street food, some sliced rice cakes which are called tteok cooked with fish cakes which are called oden and besides them, with scallions, and they are cooked in a sweet-spicy sauce made of chili paste.


This one is my favorite ever! Technically, 비빔밥, ’s mixed rice. It’s a bowl with rice, namul, mushrooms, beef, soy sauce, gochujang which is a chili paste pepper, and of course, a fried egg.


삼계탕- This is a chicken soup, a ginseng chicken soup and it’s a tradition to eat this dish in Korea. A soup made of rice, ginseng, jujube, garlic, chicken, and spicy seasoning. It’s very healthy and you should definitely take this one into consideration if you ever have the chance to try Korean cuisine!


The version in Korean is 냉면 and it’s basically noodles, cold buckwheat noodles. They are very long noodles with cucumbers, pears, beef, and a very hard-boiled egg. The noodles are usually made of buckwheat, sweet potatoes, kudzu, but this depends on the taste or on the tradition.


짬뽕-a soup with noodles, onions, chili oil, vegetables. I remember the first time I heard of this one. I saw this one on my favorite Korean show ”It’s ok to not be ok” and one of my favorite characters from there was obsessed with this dish. He had a very cute story behind it, why he liked it so much and it made me try this soup and now I am like it so much just like he does in the show.


This one is a little bit crazy, it’s a pumpkin porridge and in Korea, they call it ” 호박죽” and it’s made from pumpkin which is steamed, and rice which very glutinous (soaked in the water). The pumpkin is boiled, peeled, blended with the rice and the result is so creamy and the best decision you’d ever make for breakfast in Korea. It is very healthy and looks amazing, so creamy and more like a pudding and also, it has a lot of benefits for your body. It can solve your intestinal problems.


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