KKK: The Klan’s Fight For Americanism


Hiram Wesley Evans was the Imperial Wizard of the Ku Klux Klan aka KKK, an American white supremacist group, from 1922 to 1939. He attended Vanderbilt University and became a dentist.  As Imperial Wizard, he publicly discouraged vigilante actions, he had led the kidnapping and torture of a black man while he was the leader of the Dallas Klan (he joined this clan in 1920 after he operated practice in Texas).

The Great Depression decreased the KKK’s income, forcing Evans to work for a construction company to be able to pay the debts. He condemned Catholicism, unionism, communism, he argued that the Jews formed a non-American culture, he denied being an anti-Semite. He was focused more on money rather than any particular ideology.

Evans wrote a various number of books, for example, “The Menace of Modern Immigration 1923”, “Attitude Of the Knights of the Ku Klux Klan toward Immigration 1923”, “The Klan of Tomorrow 1924”, “KKK: Defender of Americanism 1924”, “The Rising Storm 1930” and besides that, he wrote “The Klan’s Fight for Americanism” in 1926. All of his writings ended as fortunes but then imploded.

KKK and how the Klan affected the nation

The nation was confused, disorganized, and helpless when the Klan first appeared, and after 10 years the Klan defended them and this was their greatest achievement, the fact that they managed to do that.  They won the leadership in the movement for Americanism. Another achievement is the suppression of much lawlessness and the increase of a good government, the restriction of immigration, the defeat of the Catholic attempt to seize the Democratic Party.

They developed their American traditions and enlisted their racial instincts for the work of preserving and in order to understand the Klan, it is vital to understand the character of the mass of old-stock Americans who were considered as ”Liberals” and the Klan represented these people, these people who had the intention to create modern civilization.   They were the American pioneers; they were adventurous, strong men and women.


Americanism, in Klansman’s eyes, is a purpose, a point of view. He believed in diversity and individualism, within the limits of the American spirit. Also, he believed that the white race must be supreme in the entire world not only in America. Protestantism, also, must be the supreme power and Rome shall not rule America, because it is an essential part of Americanism, but without it, America could have never been created or go forward either.


From my point of view, the Klan’s aims were noble just for the effect, but in essence, they hadn’t good intentions. Their attitude of anti-Semitism, anti-Catholicism, and homophobia led to their contempt by the people. They pretended to protect the innocent and helpless ones. The fact that they called themselves “the invisible state” was the very first moment of worrying, the people should have asked questions from that moment and doubt their “noble” intentions.

They thought that they were superior; that the black men were inferior the white race was superior.  The members of the Klan, couldn’t accept the fact that after the secession war, the black men had equal rights to the white population so they invaded and destroyed and killed entire towns. The organization was dissolved in 1869, but different local groups continued to terrorize the black population.

I firmly believe that they had no right, they simply fooled the citizens, implanted fear and terror, brought no good, and for that very reason their organization ended quickly, people were sick of living in terror because of them and rebelled. And still, they didn’t give up. This insane perseverance characterizes their homophobia in the best way. Personally, I associate them with the worst you can see in a human, you can’t even describe their attitude, it was too much hate there, this attitude of hatred toward their fellow citizens.




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