Keeping a journal – a magic key to one’s development 


A journal may sound like a consuming effort. But I guarantee you that a journal helps you focus, keep the key events of a day, and of your development. I will list the reasons to keep a journal.

  1. You recognize the highlights of the days 

 We live fast, and mostly, we spend the most time on our phones. So sometimes it is hard to see the highlights of a day. But if we make a habit of writing some words on the paper, we see the accomplishments. This may be a silent process at first, as we may see that our day had nothing good to offer, but as the habit develops, those events may stand out.

  1. We realize the self-development

From writing the key events of the day, from writing the predominant feelings and processes we went through the day, it is only a matter of exercise. It is important to know how to interpret the things that happened to us and the echo of those events. Such problems as being sad without knowing why can be solved through writing about them and try to understand those better. And as the opposite end, there is being happy and writing all the bodily sensations, conserving them in the pages of sunny days. Then, when you have a bad day, you can go back and take your good energy from a reliable source.

  1. You will end up having explicit evidence of your past

To keep more information, we forget insignificant events. But putting them down, you give them a place and an identity. You know that you felt good that Friday night when you stayed home and you watched Christmas rom-com. You have a great track of time. You can access those events anytime. I have been keeping a journal for 5 years, and sometimes I like to go back in time and see what I did that same day one, two, or three years ago.

  1. You improve your handwriting

We find it more convenient these days to write on our computers. But handwriting can help you connect with yourself, to express yourself, and to reduce your anxiety. A journal can be an accurate map of your heart and life, containing your art of word and not only.


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