Kanye West is now a Billionaire and he’s not at all shy about it!

Kanye West

The wait is over! Kanye West, the hip-hop sensation has finally decided to share spicy details about his financial records. The superstar is not at all shy about his wealth and we revealed some interesting info about his sneakers company – Yeezy and much more.

Kanye definitely cares about numbers and you might say he finds validation in them.

But not any kind of numbers, billions only.

Last summer, his net worth was estimated at $890 million but still, he wasn’t declared as a billionaire by Forbes Magazine. You can tell this wasn’t good news to Kanye West, who said that “the disrespectful article was purposely snubbing him”.

Earlier this month, Kanye was still mad about the situation. He even stated that Forbes was “purposely a part of a group of media” that was trying to suppress his self-made narrative for racist reasons.

But now it’s official!

Kanye took the situation in his own hands and decided to show the world his real worth. The creator of the Yeezy brand succeeded in challenging Nike’s Air Jordan and of course, he wouldn’t hide a great story like this.

Not only that West declared his worth, but he proved it! The receipts spoke for themselves, showing that he’s worth over $3 billion. His musical talent brought him fame and money indeed, but his sneakers brand is really to praise for making him a billionaire.

Kanye West sure knows what it means to live like a superstar. With $81 million invested in buildings and improvements and $21 million in land, who wouldn’t be happy? He shares his mansion in Los Angeles with his wife, Kim Kardashian, and their four beautiful children. In an interview, Kim told Forbes that “he pays great attention to detail” and that “the house is all him”.

Kanye’s worth is a little over Kylie Jenner’s, specifically with a $300 million more. He sure has what to be proud of. And he really is.

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