Judged for your choices? This is what you can do!

Law: how Hayek saw it

We live in a world that’s becoming more judgemental by the day, a world that strives for an ideal. Or, at least, this is how it seems. For whoever is reading this: you’ll get criticized and judged for anything you will do. Someone will always be there for this. A lot of the critiques you get are hard to manage.  Let’s discuss it for a bit. Would you like a coffee?

You’re never alone

The most important aspect of a confrontation is that you’re never alone. Someone has already been there, in the same position as you. Don’t you ever feel isolated? You shouldn’t feel different, weird, misunderstood. I know, sometimes you feel like you’re breathing dust in an empty desert, but the reality is not like this at all. Search for your inner peace and you’ll find it. Discover people who’ve faced the same problems. These people have been criticized and judged for their choices just as you’ve been, are or you’ll be. If they didn’t give up, then they will help you not to do it either. But even if they did give up – I’ll tell you a secret – someone’s failure should be an example for you and motivate you.

Loneliness is a complex and usually unpleasant emotional response to isolation. If you want to know more about it and how to deal with it, then check this article!

Envy and stupidity create criticism

People who envy your choices won’t hesitate to judge you. They couldn’t do what you did, they were afraid to climb up the mountain, but you are waving at them from the top, with a smile on your face. They feel the need to protect themselves, so let them talk. You will be judged. In the meantime, analyze what they say, look at their status, achievements and estimate. Does their criticism deserve any attention? Do you really think that if you descend from the mountain, they will give you a helping hand? No!

They won’t be able to do it because they won’t be there anymore. They also show a lot of stupidity. An intelligent person, not only analyzes the way you got up there but also shows a little respect and happiness for you. They won’t ask you to wait for them, but they might make you a welcome surprise and accompany you.

I’m a literature student and I know how to talk

Dude, I’m a literature student. In the 21st century, this is not a highly-respected college. When I thought about studying there, most people laughed in my face. Some teachers from highschool even criticized me.

A few colleagues supported me, but most of them said I’d be wasting my time. Some girl told me I’m limited and I’m beneath the medicine or computer science students. The fight I was waging extended into my family and some relatives gave me the “You’re not crazy, are you?” line when I told them. On the other hand, it was the opposite way: my parents supported me, my friends supported me, even the family doctor supported me. They were valuable people who have proven their wisdom above everything. They didn’t think that I should be judged but actually supported.

Everything goes away eventually

Try to forget the damned critics. Push them aside and continue your journey. Sooner or later, they will disappear forever. You will vaguely remember them on a sunny summer day. Don’t pay attention to all the lazy good-for-nothing people who gave their opinion and now think of themselves as great philosophers or judges. No one knows what’s better for you than yourself. I can assure you that if you don’t pay attention to critics, your life will be a lot better. You are a sensible, emphatic person and you can lose yourself very easily. I’ve been there too and I still am. I realized that reality is not at all the way my mother told me.

Keep walking and look ahead

So, get your best pair of shoes, tie them well, get your hair done and start walking. Walk straight and be careful not to trip. You’ll see people who will try to trip you over all the time, you’ll hear them yelling from behind. Get over them and never turn back! But if you ever think about stopping just to trip someone else over, tell me about it first. The man has been created in the community in order to create society through mutual support.

Look, you’ve already finished your coffee. Don’t worry, I’ll clean the mug. Until your next visit, may your mind be filled with clarity and may your path be enlightened.

It’s not easy being judged for your choices. If you want to read more about this, check this article!


Author: Iovanescu Kevin


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