Education and why is it important? – January 24th

Education and why is it important? - January 24th
As you may have seen or known, today, January 24th, is the International Day of Education. Education plays an important role in the way our society is and will be built and it shapes people, minds and mentalities.
Without education, we are doomed. We are non-existent. We just… aren’t. It is a basic human right and it should be treated as such.
However, not a lot of people process the impact of education on our lives. So, with that in mind, today I will talk about why is this day so important and why should we promote it and the concept behind it.

The impact of education

As mentioned above, education has a huge impact on our society. It is the key to success and it helps us grow. Education helps us become the responsible adults we’ve always wanted to become when we were younger and it broadens our horizons. It opens doors for us and things seem to come easier. Education helps us think for ourselves, distinguish right from wrong and it opens our minds and perspective.
There are many other reasons why education should ne the number one priority for everyone worldwide, but I think those are the ones that stand for themselves.

Why is this day important?

Even though for most of us, this basic right comes easy and we benefit from it greatly, for other people it’s not the case. According to the UN, 265 million children around the world “don’t enter or complete school”, 617 million children “can’t read or do basic math”, less than 40% of girls from sub-Saharan Africa complete lower education school and 4 million children are out of school. What do we do about them?
As I’ve previously mentioned, education should be a human right. But is it? Is it for these children, who are left behind?
How are we going to improve if basic human rights don’t apply to every person? How are we going to end poverty if these children aren’t given a chance to succeed?
During the COVID-19 pandemic, things are even worse. Schools and various programs have closed down in order to abide by the law. Because of the digitalisation of everything, privilege and distinctions are far more visible.
Not everyone has a computer or Internet access and this caused millions of children to quit school.

How to make a change during these dark times

Some organisations take action, which makes me happy. There are many programs which allow you to donate money and/or laptops/phones/tablets which are still functional but you don’t use anymore. I think this is an amazing initiative and I hope many people participate in it.
Things are worse for the communities where there’s no Internet or TV, because they don’t seem to be taken into account. I think schools should reach out to these communities and help with the materials and the curriculum.
During these times, we have to cooperate and collaborate more than ever, because it is important for all of us to have the best chance at life and equal opportunities in terms of basic education.
Education is not a whim or a privilege. It is a basic human right and it should be treated as such.

I hope I will live to reach the day when educating people is a priority for every person that can make a change. I hope I will live to see a change happening. I hope things will change for the better.
Happy International Day of Education!


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