It’s written in the stars

It's written in the stars
People often wonder why some are successful in life, with great ease, and why others work hard and live a modest life, without achievements. Some are frustrated because they fail to fulfill their dreams, others seem to get everything in life very easily, without much effort.
Some have happy marriages, others live an ordeal. You know, it’s written in the stars.
What determines a certain course of life is given by the natal chart, respectively by the energy we receive with the first breath when we are born. That moment is important to our destiny. At that moment, the mix of energies, the way they take place on the map, determines a certain destiny. It’s the picture of our lives. Sometimes life, according to this picture, can be full of challenges, other times it can be serene. They are like the luggage that we come into this world with.

Some have heavier luggage, others lighter. They contain keys that help us in life.

Moreover, it depends on us what we do with this luggage. We can put them aside and continue our journey without them or we can try to decipher their message, to better understand what we have to do here.
We can choose to travel on a ship with the wind blowing in our sails. Or we can choose to travel against the current.
In the first case, life will follow its course, it will be harmonious. Otherwise, in the second case, we will have all kinds of obstacles, frustrations, but it is still possible to achieve our dreams. But, most of the time (also from the practice of astrology), the recommendations are: if the map helps us when the trend is favorable, we TAKE ACTION! When it is unfavorable, we stay in our bank.

I have always been interested in understanding my destiny.

Personally, I read a lot, I learned about all kinds of methods, techniques for expanding my knowledge. Sure, all the answers I received were approximate, based more on assumptions. I couldn’t understand why certain things happen to me, why I have more harmonious relationships with some people and less harmonious with others.

A certain number of people are born every day. Some even in the same places. Therefore their natal chart looks the same. The same destiny for which they were born. And yet these people live different lives. Some become famous, even millionaires, others have a modest life. Some feel happy, others are depressed, some are talented, others are shy.

Why do these people get to live totally different lives?

Well, because they have free will. Each one chooses a different path.
Sometimes the environment and the family are very influential in their life. Furthermore, will and determination help them. Even nutrition influences our attitude and health. There are many factors that influence a person’s life. Some choose a great destiny and they work to fulfill it.

What differentiates these people? Sometimes it’s written in the stars. Unless the choices they make every moment and which influence their lives later are significant. What do you say, life is like mathematics, where you go through point A, to get to B?

There were times when you felt like you tried everything when dealing with an issue. All the ways that you could solve a problem. But, no matter your efforts and attempts, things followed their own course like your efforts hadn’t even existed.

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